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Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement - High Point, North Carolina

Moving From Dog Rescues to Horse Rescues

sherr pic 1Each horse rescue organization begins their work for different reasons or in different circumstances. For Gin of the Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement, she started her rescue work because of her love for dogs. "I was heavily involved in dog rescue for years and received a call for help with a horse," she explained. "Having no resources for help for this poor horse, I went home and prayed about it, hence our rescue was born."

Luckily, Gin was able to draw on her experience showing western pleasure as a child to get started. They receive a variety of horses at Safe Haven, but most of them are emaciated or seniors that can no longer be ridden. Sick horses are rehabilitated under veterinarian supervision. Potential adopters find the organization through social media, local media, or word of mouth. They must fill out an application and pass farm visit approval before they are granted ownership.

Gin stated that their biggest success was being named a Global Federation Animal Sanctuaries certified farm. She also explained that the farm operates as both a sanctuary and as a ministry.

sherr pic 2One of Gin's favorite stories is that of an extremely old horse named Gus. "Gus is over 35 and he came to SHERR weighing only 580 pounds. Today he is 1200 pounds, fat and happy!" She shared another story of a draft horse who came in with canker sores on both back hooves. "After six months of labor intensive care, she is now in training for dressage with her new adopted mother."

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Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement
Location: High Point, NC

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