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Saffyre Sanctuary - Los Angeles, California

A Rescue That Uses Holistic Care to Heal Arabians

Saffyre Sanctuary is located in Sylmar, California outside of Los Angeles.  Founder Esta Bernstein saw horse abuse first hand as a child, so Saffyre Sanctuary is the fulfillment of her lifetime dream.  She explained, “We primarily rescue and rehabilitate Arabians, taking in ones who have suffered physical, mental and emotional abuse.”  In fact, one of Esta’s personal horses, Caleyndar, is a world famous face for the Arabian breed.

Horses are given individualized diets and holistic care that includes chiropractic, acupuncture, and exercise.  These are horses that would otherwise have had no other chance of being saved.  They are often horses with behavior issues, or those in need of lengthy recovery and complex rehab procedures.  “Whatever they need – they receive,” shared Esta.

She next talked about their retraining program.  “We use positive reinforcement methods and re-socializing into a herd environment, while spending quality one-on-one time as required so they are trusting and wanting to be with humans.”

Potential adopters find Saffyre Sanctuary from all of the country using their website, social medial and horse related advertising sites.   Adopters and horses are paired in a very unique way.  According to Esta, “We actually let the horses choose their person.  They always know if it will be the perfect home for them.”

Saffyre Sanctuary is in continual need of funding and a new facility.  They are operating out of a boarding facility which restricts the number of horses they are able to take in.  Esta shared that their greatest successes are assisting in large re-homing projects.  Recently they helped re-home 20 horses that were suffering from neglect.

The staff members of Saffyre Sanctuary continue onward with a positive attitude.  “We do everything from the horse's perspective, and incorporate spiritual and well-being practices into our own educational and certification programs.”

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Saffyre Sanctuary


Location:  Los Angeles, California

Donate:  P.O. Box 921708 Sylmar, California 91392-1708

Trailer:  NEEDED (2 horse bumper pull with dressing room for supplies)

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