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Saving Horses, Inc. - Encinitas, California

Audrey’s efforts may have started small, but her desire to help quickly grew.

Audrey Reynolds formed Saving Horses, Inc. in 2007 after recognizing the need to rescue healthy adoptable horses from kill buyers at auctions in her area. Audrey’s efforts may have started small, but her desire to help quickly grew. She started saving horses from feedlots in other states, as well as rescuing horses from neglect, abandonment and surrender. While she currently has 10 horses at the facility in Encinitas, Saving Horses has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed more than 100 horses to date.

Saving Horses has had horses of all breeds and ages during their time; BLM mustangs, Thoroughbreds off the track, pregnant mares, young, old and everything in between. Feeding and retraining at SHI reflect their constant diligence to ensure that each horse’s every need is met. “All get daily exercise, turnout and socialization with other horses, joint injections when necessary for older horses and expert farrier work.” SHI also partners with local chiropractors and massage & body workers to ensure the horse’s comfort.

SHI considers progress and healing for any horse in their program a great success. Their most recent rescue, Dewdrop’s Heart, was found at a Texas feedlot after being thrown away by the racing industry. The four year old Thoroughbred arrived at SHI emaciated and full of worms and sand. She is now undergoing rehabilitative training, but “she is making a wonderful recovery and we are optimistic that she will make a lovely riding horse,” says Audrey.

SHI’s biggest challenge is finding suitable forever homes for their horses, as many of them do have special needs and have had a difficult life to get to where they are. “We find that too many people just want the perfect forever healthy horse, they don’t want to have to spend much money to maintain sore joints or do special shoeing,” Audrey says. For this reason, SHI has an extensive screening process for potential adopters that involves multiple supervised visits at the facility, as well as site visits to the potential adopters’ location.

SHI’s desire to help extends to the human members of their community as well, welcoming volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. The rescue serves as a work site for Community Interface Services and welcomes young adults with special needs twice a week through this program. The therapeutic riding program at SHI caters to children with autism.

All of the horses at SHI are active participants in an Equine Assisted Therapy Program. They work with EponaQuest certified therapist, Susan Crimmins, PHD to help individuals suffering from social and emotional issues, including PTSD. Through the use of grants SHI has also been able to work with Generate Hope, an organization that houses and assists young women that have survived the atrocities of human trafficking.

Please use the information below to learn more about the wide range of incredible support that Saving Horse, Inc. provides every day for both humans and horses in their community. Also learn how to donate funds or time and help their inspiring story continue.

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Saving Horses, Inc.

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