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Second Chance Ranch - Felton, Delaware

A Safe Place for Both Horses and Humans

Second Chance Ranch is just that, a place for horses that need a second chance. The rescue began eight years ago when its founder, a long time horse enthusiast, returned to Delaware with the idea of creating a safe place for both horses and humans alike. Second Chance has not wavered in their dedication to providing shelter, care, rehabilitation, and adoption services for abused, neglected and unwanted horses.

It started with two pasture mates whose owner could no longer afford to keep them and the mare still resides at Second Chance today. While now too old for adoption and blind due to glaucoma, she was able to begin a new life of comfort and care when taken in at Second Chance.  Second Chance’s founders couldn’t have known how many other horses would follow in that mare’s footsteps, often having suffered along the same heartrending path.

All of the horses at Second Chance have been given up by individuals that could no longer afford to keep them.  Due to this tragic change in circumstance, these horses are often seriously undernourished and emaciated. To help nourish them back to health, each horse follows a refeeding program catered to its specific needs.  Every horse also receives vet and farrier care, as well as lots of TLC.

Retraining at Second Chance is done on a horse-by-horse basis, each following a carefully detailed, individualized plan. Many of the horses cannot be ridden when they first arrive so this often proves to be a long process, but the staff is willing to do whatever is best for the horse and its growth.

While some horses never make it back to being rideable that does not stop them from being a vital part of the Second Chance family. One permanent member of their herd is an old mare that arrived angry, abused and hungry. However, she made a complete recovery and is now as sweet as can be. While she cannot be ridden, she learned to trust and allows children to hang all over her, pet her and brush her whenever they visit the facility.

The benefits this access to horses provides is something that Second Chance has been able to witness within their immediate community. Two of the first volunteers to arrive at the ranch were a pair of preteens from a neighboring property. Although they knew nothing about horses, they quickly fell in love and began learning everything they could to help. Now, nearly five years later, the two still visit the barn to contribute almost daily.

As a small operation that focuses on being people-oriented as well as equine, volunteers and monetary donations are equally appreciated. Please follow the information below to find out how you can help contribute to the ongoing success of Second Chance Ranch.

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