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Serenity Farm Horse Rescue – Woodbury, Connecticut

Dedicated to Rehabilitating and Rehoming Horses in Crisis

Marie from Woodbury, Conneticut, founded Serenity Farm Horse Rescue in 2019. Serenity Farm Horse Rescue, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming horses in crisis. Their goal at Serenity Farm is to find forever homes for the horses and to educate on the neglect and abuse that happens daily in the equine community.

 Marie grew up with horses and is very passionate about animals. As she became aware of the horse slaughter industry in the United States, she knew she had to become a part of the mission to help rescue horses. No matter how big or small, Marie is dedicated to using her life and her orginization to make an impact in the slaughter industry emergency we are facing here in the United States.

One of the permanent residents at Serenity Farm Rescue is a horse named Shay. Shay came to their rescue underweight and terrified. After his arrival to the farm, Shay had a full vet examination that showed he had a condition causing him to gradually lose his eyesight. Marie and her organization spend thousands of dollars in vet treatment to control Shay's pain and hoped to restore his vision. Unfortunately, Shay lost over 80% of his eyesight.

Although Shay can't see very well, it's evident that Shay can feel the love and care he is given at Serenity Farm Horse Rescue. He has developed a trust in humans, and loves the student volunteers at the farm. As Marie put it, "Shay is one of the lucky ones". Many horses who are deemed "useless" or have an impairment don't have the same fate as Shay. Regardless of if society would see them as useless, the team at Serenity Farm Horse Rescue is passionate about giving every horse a chance to have a safe and loved life. 

If you are interested in helping more horses just like Shay, get in contact with Serenity Farm Horse Rescue:



92 Minortown Road, Woodbury, CT 06798

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