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Stamp Out Starvation of Horses – Clarksville, Georgia

Stamp Out Starvation of Horses is on a mission to end starvation of horses.

Stamp Out Starvation of Horses, or SOS, is located in a very rural part of North Georgia. Much of the area is poverty-stricken, and as a result, many owners are unable to provide for their horses. Many people leave their horses in their yards, in poor conditions and without enough food. To combat this problem, Doris Buckley organized SOS, and it made an immediate impact on the horse community in Georgia.

Before starting SOS, the rescue founders saw firsthand the need to help horse owners pay for hay and vetting. When the horses were neglected and starving, they were most likely to end up in the slaughter pipeline. They also recognized that law enforcement rarely got involved in animal cruelty cases, so they often went on for years without any solution. Something needed to be done, so Doris started SOS.

SOS is on a mission to end starvation of horses. One way they do this is by providing funds for feeding and veterinary care to owners who are unable to support their horses. In a recent interview with Sue Crane, the organization's CIO, she said “we have fed and vetted many horses whose owners were down on their luck. They were able to keep their horse until they were back on their feet. Both horse and owner benefited from our assistance.”

Educating horse owners about proper care of their horses is also essential for ending horse starvation. SOS works closely with Georgia’s animal control to evaluate horses and help teach owners about proper horse care.

Unfortunately, some owners are blind to the pain and suffering they cause their horses. When that happens, SOS steps in and takes the horse to their barn for proper care and treatment. Most of the horses they take in are starved and abused animals, either impounded by law enforcement or owner surrenders.

Once they arrive at SOS, they examined and they begin the refeeding process. Volunteers and staff at SOS spend much of their time trying to socialize the horses with trust issues. After the horses are healthy and retrained, they wait for their new home, with an owner who is able to provide the proper care and love.

Sue told us about one of their more recent rescues, a little silver mini mare. They found her in a small, dirt lot, where she was starving and eating off the trees. She was terrified of humans because of the children that chased her with sticks. However, after spending time at SOS with the caring and loving workers and volunteers, she started to heal and learned to trust again. Sue happily told us that she was “recently adopted by a lovely couple who are training her to be a wonderful little pony for their family.”

SOS is unique because they often provide financial support to other non-profit horse rescues in Georgia. They help with rehoming and transportation, and even provide funds for vetting, hay and feed for horses taken to other rescues. They are constantly looking for ways to reduce the number of abused and starved horses, and are willing to help wherever they can.

If you’re interested in helping SOS in their mission to end horse starvation, check out the information below:

Stamp Out Starvation of Horses

Clarkesville, Georgia




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