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Strawberry Mountain Mustangs - Roseburg, Oregon

How a Rescue Can Partner With Law Enforcement to Save Horses

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In the winter of 2016, the Strawberry Mountain Mustang rescue and rehabilitation center saw an unusual influx of horse rescue cases.  The cause of this wasn't typical abuse or neglect, but rather owners who were unable to cope with difficult weather and rising hay prices.   Strawberry Mountain Mustangs takes in these horses to nurse back to health and often criminal charges are not filed against the owners.  

During an news interview, president Darla Clark stated, "It's a human issue.  It's a social issue.  It encompasses so much more."  During a more typical season, the rescue takes in law enforcement neglect cases that often include Hennecke body scores of 1.  

Darla shared, "We work with various agencies around the state to rehabilitate, and if necessary, build a criminal case against a defendant."  They use the UC Davis Refeeding protocol, farrier, vet, chiropractic, and dental care to bring the horses back to health.  This along with training from professionals around the state makes the horses as adoptable as possible.  All of the horses find homes within the state of Oregon.

Darla explained that their biggest achievement is, "Establishing a successful program that law enforcement around the State or Oregon relies on."  She continued, "We work with the Oregon Animal Control Council to provide additional law enforcement training and education, and we've been involved  in successful legislation to make repeat animal neglect offenses a felony."

strawberry mountain rescueStrawberry Mountain Mustang's unique relationship with the local law enforcement sets it apart.  Darla shared, "We receive no federal, state, or local funding to take in the animals we do.   Because we do not charge law enforcement, we help preserve those diminished animal control budgets and enable animal control officers to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently."

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