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Horse Rescues in Texas

Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society - College Station, Texas

What can you do with 120 days? This Texas horse rescue holds an annual event to train rescued horses in just four months.

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Easy R Equine Rescue - Lubbock, Texas

In 2005, Angie Alspaugh and her husband Terry took in their first 2 horses, having no idea how rewarding the experience would be or what it would turn into. They founded Easy R Equine Rescue in 2009 to “provide respite to horses in need and allow other people to experience the joy of adopting a rescue horse,” says Angie.

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Equine Rehabilitation Central Texas – Leander, Texas

Lisa Rivers founded the nonprofit organization, Equine Rehabilitation Central Texas (ERCT), in 2012 to rehabilitate horses that have been rescued from abuse and neglect. At ERCT, they rehab horses with supplements, highest-quality hay and feed, and lots of love. After the horses are physically healthy, staff and volunteers at ERCT work to heal the horse mentally and emotionally.

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Lone Star Ranch and Rescue – Blue Ridge, TX

Lone Star Ranch and Rescue was started out of a love for horses and and other livestock. They rescue neglected and abused horses from situations such as owner surrendered, seizures, and animal control agencies.

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Osborne Stables Equine Rescue - Sutherland Springs, Texas

Osborne Stables was formed in 2002, after taking in four horses that would otherwise have been killed. This single rescue opened the floodgates to the difficulties in the area. It wasn’t long after that initial rescue that calls began pouring in for assistance and asking for advice.

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Runnin’ Free Ranch - Ennis, Texas

Founded in 2016, Runnin’ Free Ranch is a place for humans and horses to rebuild lives together. Runnin’ Free Ranch was developed with the mission to to help veterans, at-risk youth, special needs children and their families heal.

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The Love Angus Foundation - Houston, TX and West Indies

The Love Angus Foundation is located in Houston, Texas and in the West Indies. We spoke with founder Monique Francis to learn how the volunteers of this organization are working to save horses in Jamaica. Many of these horses are abandoned along side the road after failed racing careers.

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The Pegasus Project, Inc. - Murchison, Texas

The Pegasus Project retains the services of a number of veterinarians to ensure that each animal receives the care that it needs through every step of its recovery. “Of equal importance, we revitalize the animals’ spirit. We handle them in such a way that they feel safe and secure and build trust in humans,” says Allyson.

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Throwaway Ponies - Farmersville, TX

A 79-year-old volunteer spent 3-4 hours in a scared horse's pen for several weeks until he gained her trust. This rescue helps retirees regain a sense of purpose and a more positive outlook on life.

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Wings And Reins, Equine Refuge, Inc. - Devine, Texas

A retired show jumper starts a rescue that specializes in retraining aggressive horses. "Our belief is that their is no such thing as a mean horse, they were not born mean, people made them that way."

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