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The Good Shepherd Ranch - Tuscon, Arizona

“You can often see the soul of a man by the way he treats animals and other people.”

Good Shepherd Ranch ArizonaIn 1999, David and Francesca Alliman decided to share their love of horses with those in their community. Born and raised in Arizona, their dedication to the place that they love, and the humans and horses that share it with them, acted as the driving force behind the founding of The Good Shepherd Ranch. “We have always been led to help those with horses, horses in need & our local community,” says Francesca. David and Francesca believe that animals are a precious gift for us to enjoy and care for.

The Good Shepherd Ranch takes in any horse, regardless of age, breed or level of training. “We take in neglected or unwanted horses that simply need a new home or a new purpose,” explains Francesca. The care shown to every animal and human that finds themselves at the ranch is the cornerstone of The Good Shepherd Ranch mission. “You can often see the soul of a man by the way he treats animals and other people,” say the founders.

All horses that enter their program enter into an environment of love and compassion. Each horse is evaluated by a veterinarian and a feeding program is developed that caters to its specific needs. The horse is allowed to take as much time as needed to acclimate to its new home and begin to heal.

Once a horse is ready and willing, they begin training. “We take our time and make sure each horse gets the attention and training needed, on or off the trails,” says Francesca.  Some of the horses at The Good Shepherd Ranch find their new purpose as part of the team pulling carriages and wagons for community events. These horses call the ranch their home and live here the rest of their days. The horses show off their training, teamwork and beauty in parades and as additions to weddings and events. The Good Shepherd also opens their ranch as an event space, allowing people to enjoy their special day while learning and spending time with the horses.

Many of the horses that find their way to Good Shepherd make a full rehabilitation and are ready to become loved members of their forever family. This was the case for a horse named Huesos, the Spanish word for bones, due to the extent of his neglect and his extremely emaciated frame. “We got to him just in time…we hoped,” remembers Francesca.  They began putting him back together that first day. Huesos made an exceptional recovery and is now living with a foster family. “He’s still getting his makeover, but he’s looking good!” says Francesca.

Use the information below to check on Huesos's progress and view the other horses at The Good Shepherd Ranch that are ready for adoption. You can also find out how to contribute through donations and schedule an appointment to visit the ranch and become part of the family.

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The Good Shepherd Ranch

Tuscon, Arizona



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