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Triple R Horse Rescue – Tallahassee, Florida

Every Adoption is a Success

Triple R Horse Rescue, formally known as Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Ranch, was formed in 2009 by a group of horse-lovers in Tallahassee, Florida. Though it started out as a small operation, today, Triple R covers eight counties – six in northern Florida and two in Georgia as well.

Since 2009, Triple R has helped more than 250 horses. Most of these horses come to Triple R through law enforcement or animal services.  Many of them come malnourished, with medical and dental needs. Linda Bruns, President of Triple R, said that most of the horses they see are Quarter Horses, though occasionally they will get Paso Finos, Mustangs, and Thoroughbreds.

In a recent interview with Linda, she said that many of the horses “came to us as walking skeletons and are now living to ripe old ages. Some came as babies so filled with worms the vet was sure they wouldn’t live — yet today they are on the eventing circuit.” The joy and hope that comes from nursing a horse back to life keeps Linda and volunteers at Triple R going.

One success story that really stood out was about a baby horse named Scooter. In early 2013, Triple R rescued a herd of horses in Gretna, Florida. The horses were starving, so they started eating poisonous weeds nearby. Scooter, just a baby at the time they rescued him, was suffering from the poisonous plants he ate and had severe organ damage. His chances were slim, and many thought he wasn’t going to make it.

After months of care, great nutrition, and medicinal herbs, Scooter is happy and well. Today, he is thriving with his foster mom, Sue, and enjoys his new home and new life.

Fosters like Sue make a huge contribution to Triple R’s success. Linda says that their “biggest challenge is finding fosters who have the advanced riding and horse-sense skills — as well as the time — to work with our horses.” People who volunteer their time to help these horses learn to trust loving humans again make all the difference.

Linda says that Triple R’s willingness to help in any situation is what makes them unique. At Triple R “we will respond to a call from any law enforcement agency or animal control.” Linda has found that some rescues will only take in healthy horses; and some will take in financial support, but never do as much as they could to actually help horses. Unlike some rescue organizations that actually euthanize older horses that can’t be adopted, Triple R is definitely a No-Kill rescue.

For Linda, the greatest success at Triple R is when a rescued horse finally finds a new happy home. She says that “every adoption is a success.” Recently, Triple R started letting potential adopters foster the horse for up to two months to see if it’s a good fit, for both the horse and the owner. If you are interested in adopting a horse and giving a horse a second chance at a happy life, check out the information below.

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Triple R Horse Rescue
Location:  Tallahassee, FL
Donations:  P.O. Box 494 Tallahassee, Fl. 32302

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