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Voice for Horses Rescue Network – Toledo, Ohio

"When Needed, We Pay Out of Our Own Pockets to Keep the Program Running."

After working as a local Humane Agent for 16 years and seeing so many equine cruelty cases, Diana Murphy decided to start an equine rescue. She wanted to help the law enforcement agencies by housing horses seized for court cases, and by taking in horses from owners who needed to release them. As a result, Voice for Horses Rescue Network was formed.

VFHRN takes in every breed of horse, in every condition. From Miniature horses to draft horses, from horses that are sick and injured to horses that were abused and neglected, all are welcome. Some horses at VFHRN’s barn in Northwest Ohio are even ex-mounted patrol horses and racehorses. Horses from states all over the US come to VFHRN through owner surrenders, law enforcement agencies, and human societies.

The horses that arrive at VFHRN are evaluated and then given a plan of care that is specific to their needs. Their retraining program also varies from horse to horse, depending on their needs. After the horses are nourished back to health, they wait to be adopted.

A favorite success story was a horse named Bugs, a 16-year-old Paint Mare. He came to VFHRN in June of 2010, skinny and malnourished. After lots of love and rehabilitation, Bugs was looking and feeling much better. By December 2010, he was fully back to health. There are so many horses like Bugs who are able to regain health and start new lives, thanks to VFHRN. 

One of the biggest challenges is finding the right horse for each potential adopter. The adoption methods VFHRN uses are extensive. They use many social media and internet outlets to showcase the horses that are available. When a potential owner is interested in a particular horse, they can inquire and apply to adopt. The staff at VFHRN will then review the application, check references, visit homes, and meet with the horse.

Voice for Horses has successfully placed many horses in their forever homes, and since 1999, they have helped over 800 horses. In the year 1999 alone, VFHRN fundraised and helped over 300 horses from going to slaughter and kill pens in Pennsylvania. They helped these horses get adopted by using Facebook to spread the news and show as many potential adopters as possible.

In a recent interview with Diana, she said that their organization is unique because of their Board of Directors. She said that they “have a very extensive background in many areas which helps the equines and other animals that may come our way.” She also mentioned their devotion and willingness to help, saying that “when needed, we pay out of our own pockets to keep the program running.”

This passion and willingness to help allows VFHRN to accomplish so much and help so many horses in need. Diana told one story of a large-scale rescue they were involved in. VRHRN helped assist in a cruelty seizure in California that involved 900 wild mustangs. The US Humane Society seized the property and all the horses after finding 300 horses dead. VRHRN took 20 of the wild mustangs and were able to adopt out every single one of them.

Diana said that their “greatest successes are helping save horses from slaughter.” She added that having volunteers who give all their effort all the time make their organization successful. To learn more about this wonderful organization, visit their website below.

Voice for Horses

Toledo, OH



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