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What’s Special About Z-Frame Technology?

Once upon a time, horse trailers came in two main types of construction: aluminum and painted steel.  Although steel was extremely strong and durable, it was prone to rusting and could have serious rust problems in a very short time; aluminum was rust-free, but weaker, requiring more material to get the same frame strength as steel and conducted heat rapidly through the trailer.  

There were plenty of horse owners who bought and loved both kinds of trailers, but clearly something that married the best features of aluminum and steel together was needed -- that’s why we developed Z-Frame Technology.  As part of our patented process, steel tubing is coated inside and out with zinc and chromate to create a thick, impenetrable layer that resists rust and slows road heat conduction, even on the hottest days.

Z-Frame Technology Versus Aluminum

Our Z-Frame Technology is the next generation in frames for horse trailers. In creating the Z-Frame materials, we actually increase the tensile strength of the steel, allowing us to use less material than in conventional steel trailers.  This gives our Z-Frame trailers a weight much more comparable to similarly sized horse trailers with aluminum frames, with all the strength of steel.

Aluminum trailers were long touted as the most maintenance free options for horse owners, but what many found over time was that horse urine tended to corrode the reactive metal, causing weakening and buckling of floors under the weight of their horses.  As you can imagine, this is a scary and dangerous situation for a horse, especially if they fall through the floor during transit.  Many times, horses involved in these types of accidents must be immediately euthanized, but even the lucky ones are going to be hard pressed to climb into a trailer again anytime soon.

That leads to the other reason why aluminum horse trailers never completely replaced steel horse trailers, despite their very real rust problems.  In accidents, steel trailers tend to fare significantly better than aluminum due to the sheer strength of steel.  Aluminum tends to rip and shred in high speed accidents, so any unenforced aluminum trailer skins end up looking like so much torn paper -- it’s a terrifying experience for both horses and owners, to be sure.  Steel tends to dent or bend, so there aren’t as many raw edges and less of that feeling of impending doom were the worst to happen.

We’re horse owners, too, and that’s why we prefer to build trailers using our Z-Frame Technology.  We want to keep your horses as safe as our own, without requiring you to do a bunch of extra work for the privilege.  With the Z-Frame Technology, you get the ease of aluminum and the strength of steel, for peace of mind and simple care.  It’s really the best of both trailers, all wrapped up in one package

When you’re ready to build your next custom trailer, give us a call at 1-888-244-2029 so we can get to work on your new Z-Frame.  You’ll love how light it pulls and your horses will feel much more secure with an all steel frame supporting their weight.

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