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Whiskers Paws Hooves and Claws - Tehachapi, California

“We live for our animal related adventures!"

Just as the name suggests, this special rescue offers a safe place for a wide variety of animals in need. Whiskers Paws Hooves and Claws was formed in 2011 when Julie Sugg saw the need for horse and livestock rescue and rehabilitation in her area. She began taking in animals of all breeds and types, most of them needing rehabilitation from some level of animal abuse and cruelty.

Since 2011 they have rescued 120 animals: horses, donkeys, cats, cows, chickens, goats, turkey, rabbits, pigs and sheep. Located on a five acre ranch, it goes without saying that there is never a quiet day at Whiskers Paws Hooves and Claws.

Julie and her volunteers work not only with the animals currently residing at the ranch, but also with other organizations in their community. In this way, they can ensure they are doing the greatest amount of good, while also reaching the largest number of animals. In 2016, while moving to their current location, they also assisted with emergency response, adoption funding needs and donated 40 bales of alfalfa to the Erksine Creek Fire livestock victims.

A self-described group of “crazy, outspoken, energetic individuals”, the staff at WPHC focuses on horse rescue, animal fostering and the humane treatment of animals. “We live for our animal related adventures! We look at every rescue, foster and chance to advocate for the voiceless as another new adventure and accept the challenges therein.”

Whiskers Paws Hooves and Claws work primarily through social media to attract potential adopters for their animals. Would-be adopters must go through a rigorous application process including home inspections and interviews. “However, most often, the animal decides if it’s a match,” says Julie.

WPHC also offers a therapy riding program to help individuals who have struggled with abuse, medical issues and other personal hardships. “Whether it be a teenager struggling with bullying, a veteran trying to find peace of mind, or a woman seeking strength to move forward, there is nothing like a horse to understand your tears and give unconditional love,” says Julie

WPHC is run completely by volunteers and donations, so every minute and dollar is much appreciated. As Julie says, “we are only as successful as our volunteers, we are a grass roots program receiving no pay for our hours of devotion and perseverance.” Use the information below to learn out more and find your next adventure waiting for you at WPHC.

Whiskers Paws Hooves and Claws

Tehachapi, California



If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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