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Whispering Winds Ranch - Roby, Texas

"I was not prepared for the world of unconditional love that I was headed for!"

When Susan Pohlman and her husband, Tom, rescued their first mare together in 1987, it sparked a desire in them that to this day has remained undiminished. They rescued horses in need from time to time, but it wasn’t until 2006 that they began addressing the situation on a larger scale. “My love of mustangs started in 2000 when my husband, Tom, and I attended our first BLM adoption - I was hooked. As a professional horse trainer I was not prepared for the knowledge these guys would give me and a world of unconditional love that I was headed for,” recounts Susan.

They began operating their rescue in Sandy, Oregon, where they worked closely with law enforcement to provide a safe place for horses suffering from starvation, neglect and abuse. Susan, Tom, and the herd relocated to Texas in 2016. “The dampness of the Northwest was beginning to show its signs, and the dryness of the West Texas plains has been a blessing. No longer having to stand in rain soaked fields, and each having stalls and cover to get out of the elements, has allowed them to flourish,” Susan explains.

Whispering Winds is now home to a wide variety of horses, including elderly and handicapped horses, mustangs that roam to their heart’s content, owner surrenders and broke to ride horses. Susan uses her 52 years of experience and expertise to give each and every one of the horses exactly what it needs. She is a certified natural horsewoman and recognized through the American Quarter Horse Association.

All horses that arrive at Whispering Winds are evaluated by the veterinarian, placed on an individualized feeding plan and retraining is done at the horses pace. “Once they respond at liberty with free will, we move on. We believe that a solid foundation is the key to a safe and willing horse partner,” states Susan.

These horses remind those around them that life is worth living every day, no matter the obstacle. When no one bid on 21 year old Josie at auction in 2005, Susan knew that Whispering Winds was the place for her. Having worked as a ranch horse for several years, Josie was retired and sent to auction when she developed uveitis and could no longer see properly. Since arriving at the ranch, Josie has gone completely blind. “Adjustment was a little difficult for her at first, but she now maneuvers her area easily and is quite capable of roaming the 10 acre pasture with ease. She knows where every bump and post is and unless you knew she was, you could not tell she was blind,” Susan says.

Seeing the horses regain their happiness, trust and confidence is why Susan, Tom and the team at Whispering Winds are so dedicated to their work. “We do this because of our love of these magnificent animals,” she states simply. Use the information below to see how you can contribute and get involved for the horses at Whispering Winds.

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Whispering Winds Ranch

Roby, Texas



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