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White Horse Youth Ranch – Las Vegas, NV

A Youth Ranch to Inspire Confidence Through Compassion in Socially-Challenged Youth

Amy fell in love with horses as a little girl, and always dreamed of owning one. However, she didn’t get to live this dream until later. After the death of her grandparents, Amy was at a turning point in her life. In a recent interview, Amy said she “prayed for several months and God revealed a beautiful vision of a youth ranch to inspire confidence through compassion in socially-challenged youth.” And so, White Horse Youth Ranch was born.

horse rescueMost of the horses that have found their forever home at WHY Ranch were rescued from neglect and abuse. Once new horses arrive at the ranch, they are paired with one of the easy-going horses that introduces them to the rest of the herd. After being nursed back to health, they then help the youth that come to WHY Ranch.

The youth that come to WHY Ranch have many different backgrounds – they’ve experienced social challenges like bullying, family problems, abuse, and difficulties in school. While they interact with the horses, they gain confidence that extends beyond the ranch. They feel and benefit from the unconditional love that horses provide.

Since its beginning in 2007, WHY Ranch has helped over 300 challenged children each year gain confidence and rise to the challenges in their lives. Amy says that their greatest success is the youth they help.

She said: “We see success in children who finally gain the confidence and leadership skills they need to follow their dreams… in children who decide to become mentors to other children in our Diamonds in the Rough Program…and in autistic children who begin to look people in the eye or even begin to socialize with other people they normally would shy away from.”

One such success was a child named Sara. At eight years old, Sara was physically restrained and kicked out of school for aggressive behavior. She slipped away from her parents emotionally and faced challenges in all aspects of her life. When she first attended WHY Ranch, she was quiet and shy. Though frightened at first, she enjoyed interacting with the horses as she brushed, washed, and then led the horses.

From her first day at WHY Ranch, Sara’s speech improved, she began to heal, and she was able to feel successful. After two years at the ranch, Sara has been able to care for many animals and improve her interactions with animals and people. At school, Sara no longer has behavioral issues and she has improved her grades and her social skills.

Stories like Sara’s are made possible not just through the dedication and sacrifice of staff and volunteers at WHY Ranch, but also the donors. Funding is one of the largest problems at WHY Ranch. Their annual donor program, $1Korral, is a $1,000 annual contribution that will sponsor 10 children through one session each year, and will help with horse care and expenses. To learn more or become a $1Korral Member, check out the information below.

White Horse Youth Ranch

Las Vegas, NV


If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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