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Wild Horse Rescue- McDermott, Ohio

Rehabilitation at Wild Horse Rescue is based on trust and growth.

At the young age of ten, Betty Davison began using the resources she had, which at the time consisted of a small booklet called Barry School of Horsemanship, to help horses in need. “As a child, I didn’t have the money to go out and get the perfect horse, so my horse always had a problem that needed to be helped,” she remembers.

This became a lifetime of work for Betty, who decided to form Wild Horse Rescue, with the help of a small group, in April 2009. Betty continues using the skills that she learned 58 years ago in order to help the horses in her area. “I am now 68 years young and have osteoarthritis, but I can still go capture horses running loose and put halters on horses that others say can’t be done,” says Betty. 

Wild Horse Rescue works with law enforcement and humane societies in Ohio, as well as other surrounding states to bring in the largest amount of horses they can. Due to the fact that Wild Horse Rescue does not have a separate quarantine area, they are unable to knowingly take in sick horses. This does not stop them from accepting starved, emaciated and seriously injured horses for rehabilitation.

Betty recalls one young colt that was brought to her after being seriously injured by adult stallions. He had not received treatment for his injuries and was covered in maggots by the time Betty took him into her care. “Even the vets didn’t think he would live,” Betty states. Yet he was able to heal and is now a pasture buddy at Wild Horse Rescue.

Rehabilitation at Wild Horse Rescue is based on trust and growth. Wild Horse does not retrain the horses at their facility, this happens at other rescues as an additional step in the horse’s rehabilitation.  At Wild Horse Rescue, staff focuses on helping the horses overcome their trauma by using free range stabling. This allows the horses to become comfortable with the facility, without being confined and compounding any desire to flee.  Once the horses feel more secure with their surroundings they work with them in the round pen to build trust.

Once the horses are ready for adoption Wild Horse Rescue accepts applications and talks to potential adopter’s veterinarians.  They have found this to be an extremely informative approach in learning about would-be adopters for any horse leaving their facility.

Please use the information below to learn about Wild Horse Rescue. While there you can donate in the form of funds, or view the list of physical items needed to help with the continued care of horses in Wild Horse Rescue’s safekeeping.

Wild Horse Rescue

McDermott, Ohio



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