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Wildhorse Ranch Rescue - Gilbert, Arizona

Wildhorse Ranch takes in all breeds of horses and rehabilitates them using the Parelli System

Once Kim Meahger and her two children, Nick and McKay, found out about the plight of homeless horses in America in 1995, they knew they could help.  In 2000, after five years of rescuing horses privately, Kim received non-profit status for Wildhorse Ranch Rescue in order to save more horses from death, abuse and neglect.

Wildhorse Ranch takes in all breeds of horses and rehabilitates them using the Parelli System for both training and feeding, tailoring it to the temperament and needs of each individual horse. All trainers at WHRR are Parelli Professionals and volunteers and handlers attend clinics for continued education.  As Sheyenne Dodd explains, “using this method has given WHRR expertise in bringing body score 1 horses to an optimal body score 5, as well as a 100% success rate with undernourished or emaciated horses.”

WHRR starts the training program by first learning about the horse.  WHRR does to require that a horse by rideable to be at the rescue.  As they put it, “sometimes a horse just needs to be a horse.”  They start by identifying any sensitivities the horse may have, indicators of past abuse and what the horse is good at and enjoys.  Then they customize each horse’s individual training to work on its weaknesses in a way that will build the horse’s confidence while they have fun. “Often we see a completely new horsenality emerge from where the horse started,” says Sheyenne.

Education and training isn’t only for the horses at WHRR. They offer Parelli clinics, as well as health and wellness clinics for both owners and adopters. These all help to further human horse relationships in an effort to keep more horses in their homes.

In a continued effort to provide as much help for the largest amount of horses possible, Wildhorse Ranch Rescue developed the first equine program with the United States Forest Service.  This program was enacted to create a safe place for retired USFS horses and US Cavalry Horses. WHRR feels that a 501c3 charity sanctuary is a much better place to spend retirement than an auction block. As Sheyenne affectionately states, “WHRR provides an opportunity for these hardworking animals to live in peace and comfort in their golden years.”

However, Kim’s vision didn’t stop growing and now WHRR is also home to the HavasuPup and Friends program. This program rescues horses, as well as dogs, cats, mules and ducks from Havasupai, Grand Canyon. WHRR functions as a sanctuary for all animals in needs, both large and small. “We count rescuing nine emaciated equines from Havasupai, bringing them back to health and adopting several of them to good homes as one of our great successes,” recounts Sheyenne.

Please use the information below to donate, volunteer or attend a clinic and help Wildhorse Rescue continue to grow and save every animal they can.

Wildhorse Rance Rescue

Gilbert, Arizona


If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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