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Willow Farms Community Horse Rescue – Loxley, AL

You Will See the Happiness That Seems to Surround the Place

“The thing about Willow Farms rescue, is that it not only rescues animals, but it seems to rescue people as well.   If you visit us, you will see the happiness that seems to surround the place.”  ~ Laura Florey, Willow Farms Volunteer

Willow Farms Community Horse Rescue is located in the small town of Loxley, AL located just 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  It is home to a small rescue filled with big hearts.  The volunteers at this farm have been led by director Janet Hein since 2008 to rescue horses, dogs, and mules.

For Janet, rescuing animals has been a lifelong passion.  Today, the farm is able to accept horses that are in danger and those that are no longer wanted.  They have brought in anything from miniature horses, draft horses, mules and even a few mustangs. 

Sick horses are given individual attention by two separate veterinary offices associated with the rescue.  Volunteers are on hand to feed, water, and work with the horses at least twice a day.

Volunteer Lauren Florey explained, “Each horse that comes into a rescue is different and as such, the training program for each horse is different.  Generally, we will have one or two volunteers focus on each horse and access any obvious behavioral problems as well as what level of training they have had.  We strive to make sure potential adopters do not choose a horse that is not a good fit.”

Most of the adopters come from word of mouth advertising and through social media connections.  Many of these adopters are even former or future volunteers with the rescue.

As with many other rescues, Willow Farms struggles at times to meet their monthly expenses.  They are in need of money to help horses receive the right type of veterinary care.  Plus, they are always in need of “horse savvy” volunteers that can work with the animals.

Anyone who comes to volunteer is sure to reap the benefits of working in such a positive atmosphere.  Smiling faces and loving hearts adorn the many people who come to help.  They help horses like Rusty who came to the rescue as a sickly 7 year old.  After several months of loving care, he was able to regain healthy and also find his new forever home when he was adopted by one of the volunteers.

Each and every adoption that goes through is a huge success for Willow Farms.  They are thrilled to see the animals they take in find homes where they can be truly loved and appreciated for the rest of their lives.

If you would like to learn more about Willow Farms Community Horse Rescue, please see the information below:

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Willow Farms Community Horse Rescue
Location:  Loxley, Alabama
Donations:  info@willowfarms.org

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