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2017 Horse Trailer Towing Guide

The right trailer can be your ticket to grand adventures with your horse.

However, even a perfect trailer is useless without a well-suited tow vehicle to haul it down the highway.  In this 2017 towing guide, we are going to share some information that will help you understand the ins and outs of choosing the right tow vehicle to handle your horse trailer.  Plus, we’ll provide detailed information on the latest towing capacities of 2017 trucks.

4 Useful Tips for Safer Horse Trailer Hauling

Why You Should Buy Your Trailer Before Your Truck.  pg 2

Learn About Your Truck's Capabilities.  pg 2

The Magic G's of Towing.  pg 2

Understanding GVWR.  pg 3

Find the Capacity of Your Hitch.  pg 4

How to Find Your Trailer's Weight and Tongue Weight.  pg 5

PLUS:  2017 Towing Capacity Trucks.  pg 7

View and Download this Free 2017 Towing Guide Here.

2017 towing guide

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