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Aluminum Horse Trailer Review, What You Need to Know

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

Hi Jennifer,  responses to your questions are below!

Hey Brad,

Thanks for the video, I also see the manure stains say those horses were packed in tight-- do you recall how wide that trailer was?

RESPONSE: The trailer width in question is 80" approximately.  However, what many folks do not realize is that stall measurements vary significantly and are determined by the angle of the slant.  In other words, a slant partition positioned with your horse standing more "side to side" will have less "nose to tail" length for your horse whereas a slant partition positioned with your horse standing with his nose more towards your tow vehicle, and butt more towards the rear of your trailer will have longer "nose to butt" space.  Both can be in the same width trailer.   

This is why we always ask the question "what size horses are you hauling" and we design the stalls to fit your particular needs.  So whether your horse is 15 hands or up to 18 hands, your new Safetack or EquiCraft can be designed to accommodate. 

I'm stalling, my office has been slow... but my mother is on board now to get a new trailer and split the cost.  Since you emailed, I'll catch you up to date.. I've come to learn my current Schoop is actually small (30" stall width cushion to cushion) and light.. about 1750-2000lb only!  That has set me back on my consideration of the 16' open slant stock combo because of the pathfinder lugging what I already have. That brings me down to the townsmand, but since I'm stalling I saw the Featherlight 8107 stock that comes in a 12' with a front escape door.

You trained me well, don't worry, like I said I'm stalling but I can list all your anti-aluminum points for a bad investment.  I just wonder if the stock that you have, which we discussed making full 80" wide, could carry two horses with a front escape door with a similar 12' length and therefore lessen the weight, as compared to the featherlight 8107?   I do not need a dress room but you would know better than me about tongue weight.  I also liked that the featherlight has higher slats because my pony rears and tries to climb out.  But tell me if you think the plexi on the driver's side would keep hooves in?

RESPONSE: It's possible to design a slant load in a 12' layout but since you do not need a dressing room, the "slanted" partition will create dead space in the front which is why you see most slants with a dressing room.  If you are not in need of the dress, I would recommend to stay with a straight load layout such as the Townsmand.  That way you have plenty of room for tack and gear and a very short wheelbase which will track well behind your tow vehicle.  Not to mention being fully enclosed which is a huge plus!

Hey, thanks again.. I know I've dragged out this decision forever... but I've already told my vet how much I'm convinced of your quality and other horse owners.  I've forwarded emails with videos, I especially like the one about the galvalight/aluminum comparison.

Did the safe tack go up to 20K? or did I miss-read that?  It is a beautiful trailer, but I have to rule it out for weight.  sigh... what is the price increase going to be on the Townsmand or Slant combo?

I'm hopeful you can tell me you can bring the open combo down in weight and length and add a front door.

RESPONSE: Pricing changed about 2% or $400.  Prices on the site are correct. 

One last question-- I have drum brakes on my old Schoop and what a hassle it was to get them to stop locking up.  Are the brakes different these days?

RESPONSE: We use a "never adjust"axle braking system these days so you shouldn't have the issue with brakes locking up. 

Have a great day.

Thanks again,

RESPONSE: As always, it's my pleasure!

Jen Auer

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