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Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Parts & Accessories: Top Brands

Last updated March 22, 2024 by Brook Norris

The importance of bumper pull horse trailer accessories is undisputed. They have the power to transform a regular model into a custom rig that fits your needs to the fullest and boasts uncompromised safety, practicality, and longevity. Whether you're considering factory-included upgrades or contemplating aftermarket additions, understanding the extensive range of available accessories ensures you maximize the utility and safety of your trailer.

In this article, we’ll go through several important bumper pull horse trailer accessories and shed light on how each can enhance your horse trailer experience. 

Assorted bumper pull horse trailer accessory brands displayed together.

Popular Brands and Buying Guides

There are several brands out there that offer everything you need, even items and gear you didn’t know existed before. In this section, you’ll learn how and where to look for whatever accessories or parts you might need for your horse trailer, and how to choose the best ones among the usual variety of brands and types. 

How do I determine the quality of a horse trailer part or accessory?

Determining the quality of horse trailer parts or accessories begins with diligent research. If you need a specific addition to your horse trailer, you should compare what different manufacturers offer. When you narrow down the search based on budget and compatibility with your trailer, you should go online and check for user reviews, ratings, and recommendations. If the brand you choose is a partner of reputable horse trailer makers, then you could assume that you’re about to purchase a quality item, but you should double-check this by comparing user ratings online. 

Take, for instance, Double D Trailers' partnership with StateWide as their exclusive window provider. This collaboration is driven by StateWide's reputation for quality, as evidenced by their innovative features like the mid-latch system, individual window bars, and drop-down screens. Such strategic choices amplify airflow, safety, and comfort simultaneously.

How do I order a part or accessory for my horse trailer?

This entirely depends on your shopping preferences, location, and needs. If you want to purchase a spare part that’s either too big or custom-made, you might need to go and pick it up yourself. Still, in most cases, things are far simpler: all you should do is find the part or accessory you need by browsing specialized websites, attending auto, RV, and trailer shows, or visiting local dealers who could supply you with everything you need. Most often, you’ll have various delivery and installation options to choose from, depending on your preferences and the items you’re buying.

What are popular brands of horse trailer accessories? 

Sometimes, horse trailer makers manufacture and supply their clients with certain parts and accessories. For instance, Double D Trailers’ patented SafeTack rear-mounted, swing-out tack compartment is an option available exclusively for the brand’s model range. Here’s another example: Lakota Trailers offers back and side loading/unloading ramps as additional equipment available at several specialized horse trailer accessories websites.

Review and Comparison of Popular Brands

Some of the most popular brands, parts, and accessories include but are not limited to:

  • BULLDOG: Known for their durable trailer couplers.
  • StateWide: A go-to for windows and screens.
  • NOCO: Renowned for their reliable batteries.
  • Solera: Specializes in sturdy awnings.
  • EQ Systems: Recognized for their hydraulic jacks.
  • Flettner: Makers of efficient roof ventilators.
  • Schneider Dura-Tech: Offers covers, bags, holders, and straps.
  • Tekonsha: Leaders in electric brake controllers.
  • Shocker: Renowned for their air ride hitches.
  • Schulz: Provides efficient caddies and organizers.
  • High Country Plastics: Produces durable water tanks and caddies.

When in the market for horse trailer accessories, the priciest option or the most recognized brand isn't always synonymous with quality. Quality can sometimes come at a lower price. Here’s a list of criteria to use when making such a choice (it’s also what we use when we recommend or review horse trailer accessories):

  • Budget and pricing: You should have a realistic budget, depending on several factors. Ideally, you will set your limit once you’ve done a bit of research and understand how and why the pricing for the category you’re interested in works.
  • Compatibility: Before you wire the money for a new horse trailer accessory or part, you should be positive that it would be a good fit for your trailer and that it will bolt on straight away. Sometimes, it’s best to contact the manufacturer of your trailer or the dealer you bought it from to double-check its compatibility with whatever you’ve decided to purchase.
  • Application: Make sure you don’t miss any of the features of a horse trailer accessory that might bring additional value when purchasing it. For instance, a horse sheet would provide some protection, but no insulation, while a horse blanket would increase the horse’s comfort significantly more, meaning that it’s the better option (provided you need either of the two in the first place).
  • Certification and approval: Never fall for tempting prices when there’s even the slightest doubt in the quality and origin of the products you intend to buy. Only pick certified items that have passed all consumer tests valid in your jurisdiction and are legally sold there. Purchasing items and equipment from your manufacturer, dealer, or a licensed supplier or representative of aftermarket parts and accessories is advised.

Best Overall Brand

BULLDOG is one of the best parts and accessories brands you can opt for, but only if you need a better trailer coupler, a reliable hydraulic jack, or a winch. The company has been around for more than a century, meaning that it has all the experience needed to design and manufacture top-quality products. EQ Systems is another popular supplier of hydraulic jacks that offers bumper pull models, alongside single and dual-leg gooseneck solutions. 

BULLDOG's signature durable trailer coupler.

Best Brand for Trailer Windows, Doors, and Screens

StateWide is a top choice when it comes to trailer windows with mid-latch systems and screens, among other perks. The company offers solid, high-quality products that increase comfort and safety at the same time. There are alternative brands to choose from, such as Hehr, for instance.

Close-up of StateWide's premium window and screen product.


Best Brand for Tack Storage

When it comes to tack storage, the best and safest solution is the SafeTack system mentioned above. Apart from saving valuable space, its swing-out design removes all obstacles in the back, providing full access through the rear door and ramp when needed. This patented accessory is exclusively available to Double D Trailers only.

Double D Trailers' SafeTack system swing-out design in action.

High-Quality Parts and Accessories For Your Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

The variety of parts and accessories you could upgrade your horse trailer with is almost endless, which is why we’ll only suggest a few examples to give you a general idea of the possibilities that you have.


Considering the make, model, dimensions, and loading type of your trailer, you could opt for loading ramps in case it doesn’t come with such a feature. Ramps are available for straight and slant load layouts, and they can either be full or half-width, depending on the existing rear or side doors. 

Side ramp on a Double D Trailer.

Price Range

Prices for additional loading ramps can vary based on their size and ease of installation. In most cases, a loading ramp would cost between $2,000 and $5,000 in general.

Delivery Options

In this case, the best-case scenario is to have the ramp delivered by the manufacturer to a distributor or dealer that’s local to you because the latter could (and should) help with installation.

Trailer Pads and Mats 

Padded walls and non-slip floors are important options that sometimes get neglected. It’s essential to protect your horses from bruises and scrapes during transportation, hence the need for these two options that will prevent your horses from impact with hard surfaces. Proper floor mats and thick enough wall pads can make a lot of difference thanks to their insulation and noise reduction qualities as well. Additionally, you could also opt for butt or chest bars with padding for extra protection.

The inside of a Double D bumper pull horse trailer showcasing ventilation fans, mats, and dividers.

Price Range

Depending on the material type and thickness, as well as the area that needs to be covered, trailer pads and floor mats could cost between a few hundred dollars and several thousand.

Delivery Options

This type of additional equipment is best installed in the factory, but if you already own a trailer and want to add pads and floor mats inside the horse area, you could either opt for aftermarket parts if available for your trailer make and model or have them custom-made.

Air Suspension Parts

Air suspension is not something all trailers come from the factory with, but you could be able to add such a feature to your existing rig. Air-ride suspension and hitch systems improve ride comfort, but also add value to your unit.


Price Range

The price for air suspension parts and systems depends on what your trailer is and what you’d like to add to it exactly. When outlining a budget, don’t forget to calculate the price for installation and setting of such systems, as the labor would be worth well over $100 per hour.

Delivery Options

Due to the specifics of air ride systems, it’s best to bring your trailer to the dealer location where you bought the parts from and have their specialists install them. Checking for compatibility with your trailer make and model is a must.

Hitches & Towing

Nothing is more important than the parts that help you hitch and tow your horse or livestock trailer. The link between your tow vehicle and trailer is one of the primary sections to pay the most attention to. Therefore, you should only opt for top-quality hitches, parts, and accessories. All the bits matter: the frame coupler, the hitch ball, the lock, the electrical connector/adapter, the chains, and so forth. If the time has come to replace some of these bits, make sure they fit not only your horse trailer but your tow vehicle as well. If you plan to replace the latter with a new SUV or truck, you can swap hitch parts to adapt your trailer to it.

Detailed view of a bumper pull trailer hitch assembly.


Price Range

Prices always depend on the set of parts you need to replace or upgrade. A hitch ball can only cost $20, for instance, but a trailer coupler can have a 4-figure price tag.

Delivery Options

You could have the smaller towing bits you need shipped to your address and install them yourself if you have the tools and skills needed. Today, you can buy all horse trailer hitch parts imaginable online and opt for a fast door-to-door delivery. Alternatively, you can visit a local parts dealer and see what they have in stock for your trailer model.

Feed & Water

Making sure your horses are fed and watered all the time is crucial for their condition during long hauls. Therefore, you need all the equipment needed: hay bale bags and racks, feed bags, slow feeders, water tanks, hoses and pumps, bucket holders, and so forth. It all depends on your needs, but you can always find the best set of accessories to add to your horse trailer.

Double D bumper pull horse trailer interior equipped with an upright water tank.


Price Range

Most such accessories are not expensive at all. You can get a bucket holder for $50, a plastic water tank for $200, and a feed bag for less than $100.

Delivery Options

Most of the feed and water accessories you could opt for are simple to install, meaning that you can have them shipped to your address and install them yourself. Again, local horse trailer & parts dealers could also have what you need, so checking their offers is always a good idea.

Storage & Organization

Being able to organize all the tack and other equipment you need to carry for your next equestrian weekend or longer trip is very important. It needs to be stored separately from the horse area and arranged neatly, therefore, you need a special storage space designed to store bridles, saddles, and other items. Bridle and saddle folding racks and hooks would help you optimize the space intended for your tack and gear. Hanging organizer bags, wall grids, whip brackets, tack hooks and racks, and tens of other handy items would turn your tack compartment into a well-organized space that utilizes every square inch. 

SafeTack swing-out trailer compartment with bridle hooks and a saddle rack.

Price Range

Prices of storage and organization accessories can vary, but almost all of them are affordable. For example, you can opt for hanging organizer bags for around $50 or have a wall organizer grid installed for about $200.

Delivery Options

Most storage and organization accessories do not require specific installation, meaning that you can order them online and have them delivered to your doorstep. It’s best to shop from reputable resellers to avoid paying for a low-quality item.

Winter Blankets, Sheets & Accessories

Winter blankets and sheets are essential for those who take their horses to shows, races, and other events all year round. Depending on the typical weather conditions you and your horses are exposed to, as well as the horses’ size and breed, you can opt for various sheets and blankets. There are models with different areas of protection and numerous levels of thickness to offer comfort during all seasons. Consider the fact that sheets almost always don’t have insulation, and blankets do. Also, don’t forget to add a blanket bar to your trailer for easy storage.

Interior of a horse trailer containing a selection of winter blankets and sheets designed for horse protection in trailers.

Price Range

A medium-sized horse blanket costs approximately $100, but it depends on the brand, thickness, size, and model, among other factors. Having such accessories will greatly improve your horses’ comfort.

Delivery Options

Horse blankets and sheets are easy to find online and ship directly to you, but blanket bars are often best bought from a dealer and installed by a professional.

Wound Care & Vet Supplies

Scrapes, bruises, and other injuries are always possible during horse transportation, not to mention that horses sometimes get stressed and dehydrated when locked inside the trailer for too long. Therefore, you need a medical kit and suppliers onboard. It should contain gloves, bandages, syringes, tape, repellents, wipes, scrubs, wash fluids, medicine, and so forth.

EQUIMEDIC offers a comprehensive medical kit with essential supplies for horse care during transportation. Viewers of this file can see comments and suggestions

Price Range

Typically, you can get a full medical kit for $150-$300, depending on its contents. Keep in mind that some of the items inside must be renewed after certain periods, so checking the expiration dates is a must.

Delivery Options

Finding a trailer medical kit online is easy, and you could order one if the price is right, but you can also make your own after a visit to the local vet clinic and a pharmacy. 

Living Quarters or LQ Accessories

You can add dozens of goodies to your living quarters horse trailer, but the earlier you decide about the things you need, the better the end result will be. For instance, you can only choose slide-out compartments when you order your new, custom-built horse trailer. 

There are plenty of other must-have living quarters accessories for bumper pull horse trailers to consider as well, such as a monitoring system for the horse area, remote lighting, an entertainment system, awning, solar panels, a microwave, dressing room mats, or extra storage space. It all depends on what you need and if the options you want can be added to your existing trailer.

Double D Trailers bumper pull living quarters horse trailer equipped with maximum storage.

Price Range

Prices in this category may vary greatly. For example, a camper door complete with a screen would only cost about $400, and a camera system could be priced around $2,000, but additional shower amenities can set you back over $6,000.

Delivery Options

When it comes to living quarters accessories, it’s usually best to arrange for installation by certified parties, ideally your horse trailer dealer. This way, you won’t have to deal with installation yourself, and you won’t face warranty issues.

Need Help Choosing a Part or Accessory?

Navigating the extensive world of bumper pull horse trailer accessories can be overwhelming. While this guide offers a comprehensive overview, remember that the realm of horse trailer enhancements is vast and constantly evolving. Should you find yourself seeking more intricate details or personalized advice, Brad Heath of Double D Trailers stands ready to assist. With his expertise as the owner and designer of the brand, Brad can illuminate the myriad of possibilities available to elevate your trailer experience. After all, the journey is just as important as the destination. So, ensure it's as comfortable and efficient as possible for both you and your equine companions. 

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