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Bumper Pull Horse Trailers: Price Ranges to Unseen Costs (A Detailed Breakdown)

Last updated January 3, 2024 by Brook Norris

Bumper pull horse trailer costs are a complex matter that requires a detailed outlook. If you’re in the market for a new BP trailer and you’ve never been down that road, you should have a clear understanding of how retail prices are formed and what they comprise. You should also be aware of all related costs of ownership, which can be considerably more than you imagined initially.

Bumper Pull Horse Trailers: Price Ranges to Unseen Costs Guide by Double D Trailers

In this guide, we’ll outline all details related to bumper pull horse trailer costs, including average price ranges, short and long-term maintenance costs, and even the kind of expenses you never thought you’d need to cover when owning such a rig. The information below is enough to help you make informed decisions when the time for signing a deal comes, therefore, you will know how to receive maximum value for your money.

How Much Does a Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Cost?

It’s difficult to narrow down all bumper pull horse trailers and estimate their price range, but it’s $10,000 - $30,000+ in general. The price always depends on dozens of factors, the most important of which we’ll discuss in this guide. Once you know how a BP horse trailer’s price is formed, we’ll introduce you to the ongoing costs of ownership but now it’s time to underline the considerations you should make when comparing offers for bumper pull horse trailers.

Key Considerations When Comparing Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Prices

There are key considerations to make before investing in a bumper pull horse trailer that affect prices the most, and we’ll highlight them all in this section. Using this criteria, you will be able to precisely assess every offer when comparing trailers and their prices. 

Key Considerations When Comparing Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Prices

1. Base vs. Upgraded Price

When purchasing a new trailer, prices can vary a lot depending on the specific solutions and options you need. A base price for a standard model can sometimes be doubled when the custom features and equipment you demand are added. This is an important aspect to consider when you’re comparing several offers at once. You should be convinced that you’re reviewing highly comparable trailers in terms of size, payload, safety features, layout, and additional equipment. 

A great way to learn the final price of the bumper pull horse trailer that fits your needs to the fullest is to use a configuration tool, such as the one available on the Double D Trailers website. Once you choose the type, size, and layout of the bumper pull horse trailer you need, you will be able to add the custom touches you prefer. After ending up with a personalized spec, you will instantly know the purchase price for your new custom-built rig.

2. New vs. Used

New bumper pull horse trailers cost more than used ones, but there are considerable advantages to opting for the former: full warranty, custom specification, and no wear and tear whatsoever. With used trailers, you can still get a good deal, especially if you opt for a trailer that’s still under factory warranty. Pre-owned trailers are sometimes significantly cheaper than equal-spec new ones, and budget is a major factor when making such a purchase. If you opt for a used bumper pull horse trailer, you should check its technical condition, owner and accident history, and have it inspected by a professional to ensure it is structurally sound and it doesn’t require major repairs. This is how you’ll get maximum value for your money and avoid unexpected costs.

3. Size and Capacity

Size and capacity are major price factors when purchasing a bumper pull horse trailer. To make an adequate choice and avoid overspending, you should determine the BP trailer size you need. For instance, if you have one horse and plan to acquire a second one in a couple of years, a 2-horse BP trailer is the right solution. If you haul one horse at a time but also need your own personal space onboard, then a 1-horse bumper pull trailer with living quarters is the only solution in this category. Regardless of which size and layout you choose, keep in mind that BP horse trailers are highly customizable in most cases, depending on the brand, and the final price can therefore be much higher than anticipated.

4. Construction and Materials

Investing in a horse trailer is a responsible step that’s tightly related to the construction and materials of the trailer you choose. Depending on these two factors, a particular trailer’s longevity can be far greater than most competitors. The model you choose should be light, yet strong, but it should also be capable of sufficient payload. The best types of materials and construction design allow for lower center of gravity, flexibility, and longevity thanks to special alloys and treatments, specific fabrication processes, and innovative materials. Double D Trailers’ innovations such as the Z-Frame technology, the SafeBump composite roof systems, and the river-free bonding process tick all these boxes and result in a trailer that offers exceptional safety, rust resistance, and longevity, not to mention that maintenance costs are lower in such a configuration. 

5. Brand Reputation and Make

Brand reputation should be one of the initial factors to rely on when you start searching for the ultimate bumper pull horse trailer. Aside from the make, the specific model you’re willing to purchase can also affect the price. One of the ways to determine an average market price for a horse trailer based on brand and model is to check out the Horse Trailer Blue Book. According to this source, horse trailers lose between 55% and 76% of their price, depending on several factors, including class (premium, average, or economy), type, and size.

6. Demand and Location

Depending on your location, prices may be affected because of higher or lower market demand compared to the average nationwide numbers. You could either pay less or more for a bumper pull horse trailer than expected if your local market is low or high in demand. This is mostly valid for pre-owned trailers, though. When configuring a new, custom-built trailer, it’s likely to be shipped from afar, meaning that the price you pay will not be affected by the local market situation. For example, Double D Trailers guarantees a nationwide, flat delivery rate of $395 for all trailer models, which saves you the hustle and bustle of finding transport when you’re thousands of miles away from the factory.

7. Warranty and Service

Before purchasing a bumper pull horse trailer, make sure the warranty terms and conditions work in your favor. The warranty period is usually not the same for the entire trailer. Its structural warranty will likely differ from the bumper-to-bumper warranty, not to mention the trailer components that have been delivered by other manufacturers, such as hitch mechanism, jacks, AC, and so forth. The better the warranty coverage is, the higher the value would be.

Additionally, service expenses should be calculated in advance, so you would know the amount of maintenance costs you’re looking at for years to come. Maintaining a trailer can cost a lot, depending on its make and model, size, and most of all, intensity of use as intended. 

8. Financing and Interest

Many clients prefer not to pay cash for their new BP horse trailers, so they choose financing instead. This is also the only option when you don’t have the budget the purchase the bumper pull horse trailer of your dreams in full. However, financing always brings additional costs, such as interest and fees. When creating a budget, you need to consider the required down payment and all other expenses in advance, as they can be significant. Not exceeding your budget is the best-case scenario. 

9. Promotions and Discounts

Purchasing a bumper pull horse trailer is always an exciting journey and a lot of emotions are involved, but it’s the kind of action that should not be based on sensations only. Instead, meticulous research and comparison should be key, alongside patience. When you extract the essence of this guide, you will begin to understand how the market works. As a result, you will know better and not buy the first trailer you find, or one that appears to be decent enough. Waiting for the right time is crucial: you might come across a promotional period, a seasonal sale, or another type of discount. Trade-in deals and in-stock discounts might also do the trick for you. The bottom line is that you should never rush things and be patient until the perfect deal finds its way to you.

10. Additional Ownership Costs

Except for the purchase price, transportation fees, and service costs, there are other expenses to include in your initial budget as well: insurance, licenses, registration fees, and aftermarket features you might want to add at some point.

6 Common Factors Affecting Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Prices

When you compare a few seemingly similar bumper pull horse trailers produced by different manufacturers, you might notice significant differences in their price tags. There is always an explanation about price fluctuations for every single type of bumper pull horse trailers, and we’ll cover the most common ones in this section.

1. Size and Capacity

Size and capacity matter a lot: even if two trailers are the same size, they could be priced far from one another, depending on their payload capacity, horse area size, various amenities such as dressing rooms, living quarters, and so forth.

2. Load Type and Customization Features

The price of a bumper pull horse trailer can rise substantially if the rig is equipped with a myriad of safety features and add-ons, such as ventilation systems, padded walls and stall dividers, non-slip floors, tack rooms, and more. The trailer’s layout and load type can affect the price as well due to additional features such as side loading ramps and doors.

2 Horse Slant Load Bumper Pull from Double D Trailers

Double D Trailers Bumper Pull Trailers are available in both straight/slant load styles, forward-facing or reverse-facing configurations; as well as our patented swing-out SafeTack storage compartment. 

3. Material and Build Quality

A couple of BP horse trailers with nearly identical outer dimensions can be priced differently based on their performance characteristics, fabrication processes, and overall build quality. For example, a unit with a steel frame, aluminum upright structure and roof, and no dressing or storage spaces could be cheaper than a Z-Frame trailer with a composite roof and a swing-out tack compartment. The latter would last longer and perform better on the road, not to mention the ease of loading and unloading and increased safety. Sometimes, paying a little more brings a whole lot of advantages, making the extra expenses worthwhile and increasing the trailer’s value.

Fabrication quality is a key factor when purchasing a trailer. Every weld, joint, and detail matters and should be inspected before purchase. River-free joints use special adhesives that provide better structural strength and flexibility.

4. Brand and Resale Value

You already know that considering the make and model of a bumper pull horse trailer has a lot to do with its s value and deprecation over time. A brand’s reputation built over the course of years and even decades always adds to both price and value, so a credible manufacturer with a proven track record of delivering quality to thousands of customers is the logical choice to make when buying either a new or used trailer or a pre-owned one.

5. Interior Amenities and Custom Features

As previously stated, interior amenities and features can increase a bumper pull horse trailer’s price more than expected, at least in most cases. Adding living quarters, storage spaces, tack room, or other perks can be expensive, but there are exceptions. Double D Trailers’ rear-mounted, swing-out tack room is exclusive to the brand’s models, but it’s part of the standard equipment of the trailers it’s suitable for.

6. Location and Shipping

When you purchase a new trailer and have it shipped to your location, a lot of costs are typically involved. Not everyone offers an affordable flat shipping rate, which is typical of Double D Trailers’ customer care policy. You should calculate shipping costs in advance to make sure they don’t exceed your preliminary set budget.

Price Ranges of Common Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Models

You can copy and update or add a little tweak/twist on the data about bumper pulls that you've put together in the Horse Trailer Cost article. Mention that we have published a separate article on the cost of popular horse trailer types.

Average Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Prices (New) 

The average new bumper pull horse trailer price is between $10,000 and $30,000+, but it can cost a lot more, depending on the factors shared above. 


Average Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Prices (Used)  

The average used bumper pull horse trailer price is between $4,000 and $24,000+, but you need to consider all the factors in this section as well because they apply to both new and pre-owned rigs. Other factors such as age and condition apply as well.

Other Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Costs You Might Miss

Owning a horse trailer is related to miscellaneous costs that you may not be prepared for, but you should. The expenses include insurance and registration, servicing, storage, cleaning and cosmetic maintenance, taxes, and so forth. Let’s go through the most common ones.

Trailer Insurance

Your bumper pull horse trailer insurance may set you back a lot, depending on its coverage. Insurances typically cover a variety of aspects: liability, unforeseeable circumstances such as severe weather, collision, theft, contents, and more. Depending on the chosen coverage and the insurance company, prices can fluctuate a lot. Therefore, you should always source several offers before going for the one that offers better coverage for a lower premium.

Registration and Licensing

Before purchasing a trailer and registering it, you should be aware of the category it belongs to. Although your bumper pull horse trailer is likely not subject to Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections when its GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) doesn’t exceed 10,000 lbs, you should still check the local legislation in your area after you learn the combined GVWR of your tow vehicle and trailer. 

As far as licensing is concerned, you should check the requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to make sure you’re compliant with everything. In case the combined weight (GVWR) of your tow vehicle and bumper pull horse trailer is not above 26,000 lbs, then you won’t have to worry about having a commercial license to operate the rig.



Storing a bumper pull horse trailer can be a challenge and lead to additional expenses, especially if they’re bigger in size. Many horse trailer owners neglect this type of expense and don’t include it in their budgets, which is a mistake. Most BP trailers spend a lot of time parked, and they should be stored properly and protected from the elements to ensure their longevity. If you don’t have a barn or a garage big enough to fit the trailer, opt for a covered parking lot or ask a friend to store it at their estate. Not storing your trailer with care always leads to higher maintenance costs.

Customization or Upgrades

If you need to stick to a lower budget when purchasing a bumper pull horse trailer, you can always opt for a basic model and upgrade it later. It’s important to be aware of the changes you’d like to make in advance because you might acquire the wrong trailer to begin with. Next, study the price range of every feature you’d like to add and create a budget. In most cases, you could add plenty of custom touches and upgrade an existing trailer.

Foldable dining table in a Double D Trailers Bumper Pull Living Quarters model

Double D Trailers specializes in custom horse trailers - the possibilities are endless! 

Maintenance and Parts Replacement

It would be best if you have a local horse trailer dealer or service shop to take care of your trailer. In case it’s still under warranty, you’ll need to take it to an authorized dealership for regular maintenance and repairs. Bumper pull horse trailers are generally cheaper to maintain when compared to goosenecks. When it comes to maintenance, what matters the most is choosing a make and model known to be quality-made and durable, which usually leads to less maintenance.

Sample Computation of Bumper Pull Horse Trailers Ownership 

The cost of bumper pull horse trailer ownership is best explained using a sample computation. To illustrate the expenses related to owning such a rig, we’ll create an example based on the Double D Trailers Bumper Pull SafeTack 2-Horse Slant Load trailer. Keep in mind that most additional costs, such as registration and insurance, depend on your local legislation and other specifics of the area you live in.

Unit Purchase (Basic Price)$33,485
Unit Purchase (Custom Price)$80,000+ (depending on features)
Nationwide Delivery$395 (flat fee)
Trailer Insurance$25 - $75/month
Registration and Licensing$50 - $200+
Taxes6.25% sales tax
FinancingDepends on the down payment %
Storage$0 - $250+/month
Emergency Roadside AssistanceMost often covered by insurance
Estimated Budget for Maintenance and Trailer Parts ReplacementDepends on the frequency of use
Total First-Year Cost$36,316
Yearly Estimated Cost (Basic Price)$300+ not including lease payments and maintenance costs

Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Prices: Expert Insights

From Brad Heath, Owner of Double D Trailers

Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Cost Expert Insights from Double D Trailers Owner Brad Heath

"I've always maintained a clear vision regarding the value of quality in bumper pull horse trailers. It's essential for customers to understand that while the initial price tag of these trailers might seem daunting, investing in a high-quality product ensures long-term satisfaction and safety. In my years of experience, I've observed that lower-priced trailers often compromise on crucial aspects like durability, safety features, and comfort for your horses. This is why at Double D Trailers, we emphasize the importance of viewing your purchase as an investment in your and your horse's future.

The price range for quality bumper pull horse trailers might be higher, but they come with unparalleled benefits. These trailers are designed with superior materials and craftsmanship, offering enhanced durability and longevity. This means fewer repairs and replacements down the line, saving you money in the long run. Additionally, the safety of your horses is paramount. Our trailers are equipped with advanced safety features, ensuring peace of mind during travel. Remember, the unseen costs of choosing a lower-priced, inferior trailer can be significant – from emergency repairs to the potential risk to your horse's well-being. Investing a bit more initially for a high-quality bumper pull horse trailer is not just a wise financial decision; it's a commitment to the safety and comfort of your equine companions."

Ready to Invest? Make an Informed Bumper Pull Trailer Purchase

A strict, precisely crafted budget is the key to acquiring a bumper pull horse trailer. To create one, you should use all the knowledge in this guide. Considering your needs and having an adequately sized tow vehicle are equally important factors for a smart purchase. Taking into account the factors and suggestions this guide contains will give you the whole picture, and you won’t allow room for compromise. 

Bumper pull horse trailer prices and ownership costs depend on its size, capacity, features, construction type and materials, make and model, condition, and financing options, you will know how to dodge a bullet and avoid overspending for a trailer that you don’t actually need or a unit that’d lose its value faster than expected. This is how investing in a bumper pull horse trailers is done the right way. If you need additional advice, contact Brad and get expert advice on your next bumper pull horse trailer.

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