Bumper Pull Straight Load Horse Trailers

Bumper Pull Straight Load Horse Trailers

Townsmand 2 Horse Trailer by Double D Trailers

Bumper Pull 2 Horse Trailer: 2024 Townsmand Model

  • Our most affordable trailer model with half-height tack storage under horse manger.
  • Small and lightweight design makes for easy and convenient towing.
  • Z-Frame® technology to create a durable and strong chassis.
  • Tubular head dividers to create more air flow and less stress on your horses.
  • A convenient walk through door out the front of your trailer
  • SafeBump Roof® and SafeKick® Wall Systems to keep your horses protected.

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$ 27,009.00 USD

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2 Horse Straight Load Trailer

Straight Load Horse Trailer for Sale - Easy Towing for Two Horses

  • A classic! Perfect for a two-horse team. Bumper pull. Dressing room included.
  • Includes all of our top safety features: Z-frame TechnologySafeBump RoofSafeKick walls, Insulated horse area, and more!
  • Add a side walk-through ramp for "walk on, walk off" loading.
  • Upgrade to Rumber flooring for an easy maintenance option.
  • Fully insulated horse area and dressing room standard at no extra cost
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$ 29,649.00 USD

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2 Horse Straight Load Trailer by Double D Trailers

Two Horse Bumper Pull Straight Load: Quiet, Rivet-Free Design

  • Z-Frame Technology to create a protective cage around your horses.
  • Rivet-free walls remove metal-on-metal noise and warping due to heat.
  • Z-Frame tubular head dividers allow more air flow, less stress on your horses
  • V-Nose shape for a spacious front walk in tack room
  • SafeBump and SafeKick® Wall System

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$ 28,523.00 USD

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