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Cool Space-Saving Living Quarters Features

If you’ve been shopping for living quarters horse trailers for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that there are an endless number of optional features, ranging from the most basic things like carpet and shades to massive upgrades like high end cabinetry and hardware.  Then there are those other features that custom horse trailer companies don’t talk up, but should: space savers. 

In designing custom horse trailers, it’s important to get as much utility from the little space that’s available.  It’s a huge challenge to fit all the comforts of home into a space that may only be seven or eight feet wide and still leave enough open floor space that you don’t feel like you’ve been crammed into a narrow hallway. 

When you’re looking to get the most out of your custom horse trailer living quarters, consider adding these functional features:

Ceiling-mounted Cabinets.  There’s no such thing as too much storage in a horse trailer, that goes doubly so when you’ve got living quarters to think about.  Cabinets in the kitchen area are a given, but you can stash more stuff if you add ceiling-mounted cabinets everywhere possible.  Dinettes and couches have wasted space above them -- turn it into useful storage for those items you don’t always need, but might want to bring along just in case.

Convertible Dinettes.  Most customized living quarters will give you an option to install a dinette, but before you say yes, make sure it’s convertible.  Convertible dinettes spend the day as a booth where you can eat, do your taxes, surf the web or whatever strikes your fancy, but fold out at night to sleep several people.  They’re great if yo

Flip-up Counter Extensions.  Nobody thinks about counter space until there simply isn’t any to work with.  In many horse trailers with living quarters, counter space is at a pre

mium.  Flip-up counter extensions that fit on the end of your base cabinets extend your workspace.  When you’re done cutting vegetables or using them as serving areas, simply wipe them off and fold them back out of the way. u travel with your kids or have friends who only occasionally tag along to horse events.

Flush-mounted Lighting.  Short people may not give a second thought to the head room in a horse trailer, but for the taller among us, dodging even barely protruding light fixtures can get tedious.  Although they don’t technically save any space, hitting your head on the lighting isn’t any fun, either.

Fold-out Sofa.  Some people just don’t go for the dinette, if you’re one of them at least make sure your sofa folds out.  A fold-out sofa will sleep an extra person and generally has some storage underneath -- and when it comes to storage, you really can’t have too much.

Gooseneck Nose Cabinets.  Gooseneck horse trailers offer more space for living quarters, including a place to stash a full-sized mattress.  If you’re going to sleep in your gooseneck, why not add cabinets in the nose of your trailer?  Without taking up any extra space, you create another place to stash extra clothes, linens, device chargers or books. 

Pocket Doors.  Sure, it’s all fun and games until you discover that your swinging doors are wasting a ton of space that you could be using for a bigger bathroom sink.  Swap your swinging doors for pocket doors and you’ll free up four to nine square feet of floor space and still have all the privacy horse trailers with living quarters can afford. 

Recessed Cooktop.  Not to be a stickler about counter space, but you’re really going to wish you had it when you’re camping for weeks at a time and trying to cook and live in your trailer.  A recessed cooktop has a glass cover that can be pulled over to create an essentially smooth surface, giving you more prep space.  When you’re ready to cook, just flip it up and hit the gas.

Removable Ladders.  Horse trailers commonly have some kind of bunks installed, especially when it comes to gooseneck horse trailers.  Tucking these bunks into underused spaces, up against the ceiling or in the gooseneck frees up a lot of room, but there’s always a question of access.  Solid steps eat up floor space, but removable ladders can be tossed on the bed when you’re not sleeping.

Removable Pedestal Tables.  One of the biggest mistakes that trailer manufacturers make is putting in fixed tables.  If you want a table, make sure it can be collapsed, folded against a wall or removed from the floor and stashed when it’s not in use.

Shower/Toilet Combination.  Germaphobes may want to skip over this section, but if you’re really looking for a space saver, check out the shower/toilet combo unit.  In these setups, the shower is extra long and the toilet takes up the area in the back, shaving wasted space out of your bathroom.  Not for the faint of heart, the shower/toilet combo is for those brave souls who need all the room they can get.

Slide-Outs.  The ultimate in space-creation for living quarters horse trailers, the slide-out does exactly what you’d think it does -- it slides from the main body of the trailer.  Many people put their dinettes or couches in the slide-out, gaining them several feet in their living area.  When you’re traveling with your family or friends, those extra few feet can create valuable breathing space.

Swivel-arm Television Bracket.  Nearly everybody has flat screen televisions in their trailers these days, but there’s a lot to be said for adding a swivel-arm bracket to the mix.  Positioned properly, your swivel-arm bracket can move the television seamlessly from your sleeping area to the living area, allowing you to watch your favorite programming anywhere in the trailer.

Designing custom horse trailers can be a real challenge for horse owners, but with careful planning, you’ll have the perfect trailer to meet your travel needs.  And don’t worry -- you’re not in it alone.  Let the experts at Double D Trailers help you build the best living quarters horse trailer for your budget, no matter how big or small.

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