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A Complete Guide to Horse Trailer Bathrooms

gooseneck horse trailerLet’s be honest.  If you’re roughing it at a weekend show or camping trip, a proper bathroom is the thing you miss the most.  It’s okay to sleep on a rollaway mattress, or eat around a picnic trailer.  But, trying to relieve yourself in the woods or bathe with a bucket of cold water is another matter. 

That’s why it’s great to invest in a bathroom on your horse trailer.  From basic to luxury, there are many different options for your bathroom.  Here is our complete guide to all things “bathroom related” on a horse trailer.

The Basic - Budget Friendly Bathroom

Let’s start slowly with one of the most low-cost options for your new horse trailer bathroom.  If you don’t want to invest in a full living quarters horse trailer, you may want to look at the Basics LQ model

This option is available on our gooseneck horse trailers and our one horse bumper pull trailer.  It often includes a few cabinets and a mattress in the gooseneck.  Most important for today’s conversation, the Basics LQ trailer can easily include a toilet and a sink with running water.

Brad Heath, owner of Double D Trailers, explained, “You could install a home style toilet with a holding tank underneath.  Or, to save even more, purchase a portable toilet from Wal-Mart to accomplish the same thing.”

Typically, you can do about $5000 in upgrades to a gooseneck trailer, before it becomes a living quarters trailer.  Not too bad when you think about all of the smelly port-a-johns you’d have to use otherwise.

Besides the convenience of an onboard toilet and sink, you can also design your trailer with an inexpensive way to shower.  The “Cowboy/cowgirl shower” puts a shower in the front stall of your horse area. (see photo below)

cowboy shower

The controls for the unit are flush against the wall, but a panel opens up to reveal water knobs and a shower head on a flexible hose. Use this hose to wash off the day’s dust and grime in the privacy of your closed horse trailer.

And before you ask … yes, you will have hot water.  A propane water heater is installed along with a water pump.

The Luxury Horse Trailer Bathroom

If a full living quarters horse trailer is more your style, then you have many more options for your onboard bathroom.

Brad explained, “A typical living quarters trailer bathroom will be set up with similar amenities that you would find at home.  The features typically include a large stand up shower stall, toilet, large closet and a bathroom sink.”

horse trailer with living quarters

Before we go much farther, we should note – the horse trailer bathroom is one of the places many other manufacturers tend to skimp.  Things are often really crammed in with a shower stall so skinny you can’t even reach your toes without opening the door. 

This is no fun when you’ve dropped the soap on the floor!

So, make sure your bathroom is large enough that it can be functional and comfortable.  With our living quarter designs, this won’t be a problem.

The layout and design of your bathroom largely depends on the type of living quarters trailer you buy.  Our Trail Blazer Living Quarters trailer comes a 30 gallon freshwater supply tank with a 6 gallon gas water heater so you can bask in a nice hot shower.  There is a top quality Thetford toilet with its foot flush pedal and a stand up shower.  Finally, there is room for several storage cabinets in these design with the option to upgrade to hardwood.

horse trailer with living quartersThe popular SafeTack Reverse LQ trailer expands on that with a roomy corner shower stall, separate bathroom sink and higher end finishes.  It also includes a medicine cabinet over the sink and vanity bar lighting.  A privacy door comes standard with many options to finish the interior with your choice of colors and materials.

We recently built this 2 Horse SafeTack Living Quarters Trailer with all the bells and whistles.  The luxury bathroom included a black porcelain toilet, sink with a vanity mirror, a corner shower stall with a glass door and a sliding pocket door. (see photo right)

Behind the Scenes of Your Trailer Bathroom

In order for your bathroom to work, a number of elements need to be added to your trailer.  In essence, a horse trailer is no different than a camper or RV when it comes to the living quarters side.

Brad shared, “In fact, 100% of the parts we use are all used in the RV industry.”

horse trailer with living quartersIn order to have running water on your trailer, several things are required:

  • 110 Volt electrical service with a power converter to charge up the onboard 12V battery
  • 12V battery to operate the water pump
  • Water pump
  • Fresh water tank of 30 to 50 gallons
  • Waste tank underneath the toilet (“black water holding tank”)
  • Waste tank underneath the sink/shower (“grey water holding tank”)

With all of these items, you will be able to use RV hookups at certain camp sites.  Most RV hook up have a 30 amp power service along with a water connection.  Some even have sewer/waste dumps so you can empty your grey and black water tanks.

Just like with an RV, regular maintenance will be needed to keep your bathroom operating correctly.  We recommend using an RV service shop to properly winterize your trailer each season.  This ensures your pipes do not burst when cold weather hits.

RV shops can help maintain all of your appliances.  In general, these items tend to last longer when in regular use and tend to deteriorate when left to sit for long periods of time.  In fact, the most problematic appliance is the refrigerator.  Dust and debris can clog the burner when it is left to sit without regular use.

We’re steadily adding to a list of preferred RV maintenance and repair facilities across the nation.  Check out these shops for quality service in your home state.

If you have any additional questions about your horse trailer bathroom, please don’t hesitate to contact Brad.

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