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Horse Trailer With Living Quarters Kitchens: The Best Options

The Horse Trailer With Living Quarters Kitchen is undisputedly an important space if you're going to be on the road for an extended period of time. 

It is often said that “the kitchen is the heart of the home”, which is why it makes sense to include a kitchen on your gooseneck or living quarters horse trailer. After all, it can be your home for several weeks or months each year. The kitchen in your living quarters horse trailer gives you a convenient place to prepare food, gather friends, and enjoy a nice meal after a long day of fun with the horses. 

Just as with horse trailer showers, there are many levels of features you can choose to include in your trailer’s kitchen. This complete guide will walk you through some of the options and explain how to maintain your kitchen.

Double D Trailers horse trailer with living quarters kitchen

The Hang Out Package (Not Quite a Kitchen, But Close) 

Our low-cost Horse Trailer With Living Quarters Kitchen option is called The Basics Living Quarters model. Typically, these trailers will have a 4-foot short wall. Sometimes this can be extended to a 5 or 6-foot short wall, depending on the customer’s needs. The Basics LQ will include a cowboy’s shower, sink, toilet, hot water, and cabinetry. 

If this does not sound very “kitchen-y” to you, then you’re absolutely correct. This option would not leave room for anything like a cooktop or refrigerator, for example. Still, you could choose to store some easy-prep food in the cabinets. And the running water provided is certainly a luxury when you’re roughing it.

This type of package would work best for people who are using their trailer for sleeping and using the restroom during shorter trips. Such people plan to spend most of their time outside the trailer, eating picnic-style or at local restaurants.

The Horse Trailer Full Kitchen Package (The Whole Shebang)

It’s in our higher-end living quarters trailers where we really let the kitchen shine. This includes the SafeTack Reverse LQ trailer and the Trail Blazer.

We include real hardwood cabinets, crown moldings, and more counter space for food preparation. This is a big step up from the minimal moldings and vinyl-wrapped cabinets in the Basics LQ model.

Brad Heath, the owner of Double D Trailers, explained: “In addition to a more plush finish on the higher-end models, they simply have more space to do whatever is needed.” More space really does make a big difference! 

For example, in a 10-foot short wall trailer, there is enough space to create a full bathroom, full kitchen, and full seating area (such as a dinette or sofa). We can also install a double sink instead of a single sink, and a larger 6 cubic foot sized refrigerator. The smaller trailers only have room for a small 3 cubic-foot refrigerator.

Dinette area inside of a Double D Trailers living quarters model.

The 10-foot short wall trailer is our most popular design, with many customers opting for the even larger 13-foot trailer equipped with a slide out. For instance, one of our happy customers recently worked with us to design a luxury horse trailer.

The kitchen on this 13-foot short wall luxury trailer included a corner sink with an extra flip-up countertop for cooking. Liz, the proud owner of the rig, says of her trailer: “It’s beautiful!” She enjoys the slide out feature with a dinette eating area, double sink, and microwave. Liz also prefers to cook with her portable skillet, so she opted to leave out the cooktop but kept an overhead vent under the top cabinets.

Horse Trailer With Living Quarters Kitchen - Behind the Scenes

Just like with any RV, you’ll need a few utility features to make your Horse Trailer With Living Quarters Kitchen operate correctly. First, to operate the stove and refrigerator, and allow running water, you will need:

    • Fresh water tank
    • Hot water heater (vented to the exterior)
    • Electrical wiring and power converter with battery recharge
    • Propane tanks and lines
    • Water pump

Holding tanks for wastewater will vary depending on your type of trailer. If you simply have a Basics Living Quarters trailer, the water from your cowboy shower and sink may simply drain to the ground. It is considered just “soapy water” and there are no holding requirements. For a toilet, a black water-holding tank would be required.

The larger trailers will have both black and grey water tanks. All showers and sinks dump to the grey water tanks and the toilets dump into the black water tanks. They will need to be emptied regularly.

Horse Trailer Kitchen: How to Maintain 

Brad explained, “Living quarters trailers tend to go bad quickest when they are not used often. Dust collects on the refrigerator burners, wasp nests form inside the water heater, and things simply deteriorate at a more rapid pace when not used periodically.” So the best way to keep your horse trailer in top shape is to use it often. The holding tanks and water sanitation will need to be attended to on each trip. Other appliances will need annual service and repair by an authorized repair shop. We have a list of authorized repair shops here.

Considering a Living Quarters Horse Trailer with a Kitchen?

Many of our customers choose a living quarters trailer because they like the idea of being self-sufficient. When all your needs are “on board” your trailer, you don’t need to bounce around between your horses, a hotel, and local restaurants. 

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Keep in mind that we build custom trailers, so your Horse Trailer With Living Quarters Kitchen can be tailored specifically to meet your wants and desires. If you have any questions about kitchens on living quarters trailers, feel free to get in touch with Brad. In the meantime, check out the frequently asked questions below.


Can you live in a horse trailer with living quarters?

The amenities of a living quarters horse trailer are often enough to provide decent accommodation for longer periods. Some horse trailers offer the comforts of an RV.

What do you call a horse trailer with living quarters?

Gooseneck horse trailers are usually equipped with well-designed living quarters, including a kitchen space. These units often boast separate sleeping, dining, and sitting areas.

What’s the weight of a 3-horse trailer with living quarters?

Most 3-horse gooseneck living quarters horse trailers weigh anywhere between 7,900-9000 lbs., or even more. The size of the living area and the featured equipment determine how heavy the trailer would be.

What‘s the size of the smallest horse trailer with living quarters?

One of the smallest living quarters horse trailers is the Double D Trailers SafeTack one-horse model. It weighs just a tad over 5,000 lbs.

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