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Five Things Horse Owners Wish that Other Drivers Knew

There a lot to learn when you’re looking at horse trailers for sale, but the adventure really begins once you get that new trailer onto the road.  Drivers who have never pulled a horse trailer can make the process much more difficult -- it’s enough to make you want to scream.  Whether you’re still shopping horse trailers for sale or are a veteran puller, you probably wish the other drivers on the road knew these five things about trucks with horse trailers in tow.


1.  There’s precious cargo in that trailer.  If other drivers realized that the horse in the trailer behind you meant as much to you as your child, they might be a little more cautious when passing and keep their distance while driving.  Too many people have never been around a live horse and think of them as possessions – and not living creatures.


2.  You need lots of space to stop.  Stopping a fully loaded trailer of any sort means it’s going to take some time to come to a full stop, but when you’re transporting live cargo, that goes double.  Not only do you need the space to slow all that weight’s momentum, you want to do it gently enough to prevent injuries from falls.  Even the newest horse trailers for sale can’t stop instantly.


3.  Trailers make for slow acceleration.  Just like stopping takes time, so does starting up again.  You’re going to do whatever you need to in order to prevent accidents inside your trailer, and slow starts are just as good for helping horses keep their balance as slow stops.  Impatient drivers can’t make you go any faster by crowding you in traffic and often create more dangerous driving conditions.


4.  Uphill climbs take time.  Anyone who has been behind a semi-truck knows how slow a heavy load moves uphill, but it’s shocking how that same logic flies out the window when people see a trailer.  Horse trailers have a lot of drag, no matter how lightly they’re built, and it’s just going to take some time to get up a steep incline.


5.  Wide turns are the only kind trailers make.  Horse trailers aren’t sports cars built with tight turn radiuses -- they need space to turn, and the longer the trailer, the more space it takes.  You don’t want to invade other lanes or accidentally curb your trailer, so you’re going to take your time in those wide turns, too.  You’re being careful, it’s not just a conspiracy to annoy the guy in the silver Honda.


If you’re currently looking at horse trailers for sale, there are lots of upgraded features that can help you provide the smoothest ride for your equine cargo, but even the best trailer on the market still requires a careful driver.  If only the other drivers on the road would give you a little more space and try to put themselves in your shoes, trailering would be a lot safer for everyone on the highway.  Next time you’re out puttering around and come upon a truck with a trailer in tow, remember what they’re going through and get out of the way.

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