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Four Reasons to Choose a Straight Load Trailer

When looking at bumper pull horse trailers for sale, you have a lot of choices to make.  One of the biggest decisions is whether to choose a slant load or a straight load trailer.  Both styles have their advantages, but the straight load is the choice of many horse owners for a number of reasons. 

Straight Load Benefits Over Slant Load Horse Trailers:

Lower Expense.  Feature for feature, straight load horse trailers tend to be much less expensive than slant load horse trailers.  This allows new horse owners or someone who only takes their horses to the vet and back to purchase a high-quality trailer without laying out a lot of cash.  Every horse owner needs a safe trailer, even if they don’t have a big budget.

More Room for Bigger Horses.  One of the problems with many conventional slant load horse trailers is their difficulty at housing very large horses.  Not only do these horses sometimes have actual difficulty fitting in smaller slant load horse trailers, they often can’t hold their neck in a natural position during travel.  Choosing the straight load option allows your big horse to drop his head for better comfort and improved respiratory function. 

Safer Loading.  Although you can get exit doors added to a slant load trailer, they’re more likely to be standard in a straight load trailer.  With a straight load trailer, you simply walk your horse in, tie him off and walk out the exit door near the front of the trailer.  Even a small two horse trailer can be more safely loaded with adequate front exit doors.  Since each horse is individually secured, you don’t have to worry that a spooked horse might kick open a divider between stalls and free everybody.

Horses Can Be Loaded and Unloaded in Any Order.  Most slant load horse trailers require you to load the first horse, lock him in, then load the second, third and so on.  Then, you have to unload in the opposite fashion.  In contrast, straight-load horse trailers allow you to load and unload in any order.  It might sound inconsequential, but let’s say you’ve got a horse that normally trailers well, but has an issue in transit one day -- unfortunately, you loaded him first, so you can’t get to him right away in your slant load trailer.  If you had hauled him in a straight-load trailer, you could unload him immediately, without a lot of trouble and wasted time unloading and reloading other horses. 

Straight load trailers have gotten kind of a bad rap over the years, but if you’re hauling a small number of horses, or your horses are particularly large, they may be your best option.  Not only are straight load trailers inexpensive when compared to slant load trailers, they’re often safer for horse owners to load.  In addition to safety for owners, a straight load trailer makes it easier to reach a horse in trouble, whether they panicked in transit or were jostled during an accident.  Straight load trailers aren’t right for every horse owner, but they’re an excellent trailer option.

Know Your Options: Safe Slant Load Horse Trailers

With all that said, you may still have your heart set on a slant load horse trailer.  Double D Trailers has worked hard over the years to develop solutions to the common problems associated with slant load horse trailers.  These safety features work to protect both you and your horse during loading and travel.

Design a Custom Horse Trailer to Fit Your Larger Horse.  Custom designed trailers are a great option for people who want to design a trailer to fit their horse.  Slant load horse trailers may be built to fit your larger horse comfortably.

Safetack Trailer for Safer Loading / Unloading.  Most conventional slant load horse trailers have a stationary tack storage area on the rear corner of the trailer leaving a narrow doorway for the horse and handler to enter.  With the Safetack design, the tack storage unit is mounted on hinges and easily swings out like a second door.  This results in a wide open loading area that is more attractive to horses and safer for the loader. 

Side Doors for Access to Any Horse.  Conventional slant load trailers can be a problem when you need to access the forward-most horse in a hurry.  The Safetack slant load horse trailer can be purchased with an extra door on the side.  Access any horse in a hurry and choose from a forward or rear-facing configuration.  Plus, you can literally “walk through” the horse trailer during loading and unloading eliminating the need to back your horse.   

Slant load horse trailers have their perks.  They make better use of floor space so trailers with three or more horses tend to be shorter in length and easier to drive than straight load designs.  The Safetack innovation has eliminated the danger of a narrow entry way while additional access doors increase safety and accessibility.  Learn about your options, talk to our team, and you can find the perfect trailer for your needs and budget.

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