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Four Reasons to Choose a Bumper Pull Straight Load Horse Trailer

Last updated February 22, 2024 by Brad Heath

When looking for a bumper pull horse trailer, you have a lot of choices to make. First, you need to decide what size trailer to get: 2 horse bumper pull trailer, 3 horse bumper pull trailer, or 4 horse bumper pull trailer.

Then, you might wonder, do horses prefer slant or straight load horse trailers?  Both styles have their advantages, but the straight load is the choice of many horse owners because of four main reasons.

Why People Prefer Straight Load Horse Trailer Benefits vs. Slant Load Horse Trailers

It’s no secret that people used to prefer straight load horse trailers for some of the reasons listed below.  While you’re reading, remember that modern slant load trailers – like the Safetack Slant Load – include safe solutions to all of these issues.  But first, here are the common reasons why people have historically preferred straight load horse trailers over slant load horse trailers:

Reason #1: Straight Load Horse Trailers Often Cost Less

a stock image of a white and red straight load bumper pull horse trailer from Double D Trailers Feature for feature, straight load horse trailers tend to be much less expensive than slant load horse trailers.  This allows new horse owners or someone who only takes their horses to the vet and back to purchase a high-quality bumper pull horse trailer without laying out a lot of cash.  Every horse owner needs a safe trailer, even if they don’t have a big budget.

Reason #2: More Room for Bigger Horses

Many conventional slant load horse trailers have a hard time fitting very large horses comfortably.  When these bumper pull trailers aren’t built specifically for a large breed horse, the animal might end up standing awkwardly with their neck bent in an unnatural position.  Sometimes, choosing a straight load trailer allows your larger breed horse to drop his head for better comfort and improved breathing during travel.

A well-designed slant load trailer can easily accommodate a large breed like a warmblood. However, you need to look for a trailer builder who knows what they’re doing.

Reason #3: More Standard Exit Doors for Safety

Again, slant load horse trailers can easily be built with safe exit doors included.  However, many basic straight load trailer models you’ll find on the sales lot come standard with exit doors at the front – while slant loads don’t always.

With a straight load trailer, you can simply walk your horse in, tie him off, and walk out the front exit door.  Even a small two horse bumper pull trailer can be more safely loaded with enough front exit doors. Then, each horse is individually secured.

Reason #4: Horses Can Be Loaded and Unloaded in Any Order

Most conventional slant load horse trailers require you to load the first horse, tie him in, then load the second, third and so on.  Then, you have to unload in the opposite fashion.

In contrast, a two horse straight load horse trailer allows you to load and unload in any order.  It might not sound important, but it makes a big difference if you have a horse who needs to be unloaded in a hurry.  With a straight load bumper pull trailer, you can access any individual horse more easily.

This might not be the case if you have a 4 horse bumper pull trailer with a straight load design. These trailers are often designed with two horses in the front and two in the back.  So you’d have to unload the rear horses before you can get to the front horses.

Is a Straight Load Horse Trailer Right for You?

Straight load trailers have gotten kind of a bad rap over the years, but if you’re hauling a small number of horses, or your horses are particularly large, they may be your best option.  Not only are straight load trailers inexpensive when compared to slant load trailers, they’re often safer for horse owners to load.

In addition to safety for owners, a straight load trailer makes it easier to reach a horse in trouble, whether they panicked in transit or were jostled during an accident. Straight load trailers aren’t right for every horse owner, but they’re an excellent trailer option.

2 horse slant load bumper pull trailer from Double D TrailersSlant Load Horse Trailers From Double D Trailers Are Safer

With all that said, straight load horse trailers aren’t the only safe horse trailers out there.  A well-designed slant load horse trailer – like one from Double D Trailers – can offer many benefits that may make you reconsider your decision.

We’ve worked hard over the years to develop solutions to each of the common issues outlined above in regards to slant load horse trailers.  Our safety features work to protect both you and your horse during travel – regardless of whether you’re in a 2 horse, 3 horse, or 4 horse bumper pull trailer.

Slant Load Horse Trailers Built for Large Breed Horses

Straight load horse trailers aren’t the only trailers that can fit 17+ hand horses. We have several Warmblood horse trailer designs with extra height, width, and stall size to comfortably fit your large breed horse.

Safetack Design for Safer Loading and Unloading

The Safetack slant load trailers are much different than conventional slant load horse trailers on the market.  They don’t have a narrow loading door and a fixed tack storage area in the back of the trailer.  Instead, the Safetack storage compartment is mounted on hinges and easily swings out like a second door.  This results in a wide open loading area that is more attractive to horses and safer for the loader.

patented SafeTack swing-out storage compartment by Double D Trailers

Side Doors for Access to Any Horse

Conventional slant load trailers can be a problem when you need to access the forward-most horse in a hurry. The Safetack slant load horse trailer can be purchased with an extra door on the side.  Access any horse in a hurry and unload them individually without disturbing the other horses.

side door trailer access on a slant load bumper pull by Double D Trailers

Plus, you can choose from a forward or rear-facing configuration. The Safetack layout allows you to literally “walk through” the horse trailer during loading and unloading eliminating the need to ever back up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do horses prefer slant load or straight load trailers?

Straight load horse trailers often cost less, work better for large horses, and allow for easier loading. However, a well designed slant load horse trailer can be built on a shorter wheelbase for easier hauling.  A Safetack slant load trailer has a wide open area for the safest loading and unloading.

Are straight load horse trailers good?

Straight load horse trailers are good trailers if you have a limited budget.  They are probably the most popular option if you want a two horse bumper pull trailer.  Slant load horse trailers are best if you want the Safetack design, or need to include a dressing room or living quarters.

What is a straight load horse trailer?

A straight load horse trailer is a horse trailer where horses stand with their heads towards the front of the trailer and have a butt bar in the back securing them into a stall.  These trailers come in 2 horse, 3 horse, and 4 horse layouts.  They often cost less and work well for large horses.

Do you tie a horse in a straight load trailer?

It’s usually a good idea to tie your horse in a straight load trailer.  Use a safety knot and breakaway halter so you can release your horse in the case of an emergency.  Make sure they have enough slack so they can lower their head to cough out dust, but not too much slack that they step on their tie rope or twist around in their stall.

How do you load two horses in a straight load trailer?

Load two horses in a straight load trailer by placing a single horse (or your heaviest horse) on the left stall in the trailer.  This works well because roadways in the United States slope down on the right side. Load your first horse, secure the butt bar, and then load the second horse.  It helps to have two people during the loading process.

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