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Hay Racks and Hay Pods: Get the Facts on Hay Storage

Looking for a Hay Rack for your new Horse Trailer?  If you’ve been shopping long for custom horse trailers, you know that they come with every conceivable option possible, along with some you’ve never even thought you might need.  One inexpensive option we recommend is rooftop hay storage.  Even if you don’t plan to travel a lot with your horse, you’ll eventually have to deal with meal-planning, and these neat racks can help keep your hay cleaner than transporting it inside your trailer.


What is a Hay Rack or Hay Pod?

Hay racks and hay pods are types of roof-mounted hay storage for the equestrian on the go.  They both hold several small square bales of hay securely, even at highway speeds, and can be counted on to prevent moisture build-up on long trips. The hay pod has the added advantage of a solid cover.  Both are mounted above the roof of horse trailers to allow for plenty of airflow all around your hay bales.  This design keeps your hay fresh and discourages the rotting that contact with solid surfaces can promote, especially in humid weather. 

You can absolutely store your hay on a pallet inside your trailer, and many folks do, but by installing an inexpensive hay rack or hay pod, you can often get along with a smaller trailer that’s both easier to pull and gentler on your pocketbook.  For horse owners looking to get as much utility as they can out of a two horse trailer, hay racks are a versatile way to increase storage space with very little extra expense. 


Other Hay Rack Uses 

Just because they were created with the idea of toting hay in mind doesn’t mean that’s all a hay rack can do for you.  Many horse owners, especially those who own horse trailers with living quarters, use the hay rack to permanently mount bulky items like generators and water tanks.  These items often end up wasting living space or stall space, even though they’re must haves for every trip.  By moving them to the roof, you save the hassle of hauling them in and out and free up your limited space. 

Even horse owners with smaller trailers may find that a hay rack is a handy place to stash extra bedding, bags of feed and even luggage.  With the right tie down, you can secure nearly anything to a sturdy hay rack.  Your camping gear will easily store in a hay pod and it’ll always be there when you’re ready to spend a weekend trail riding with your horse.  The beauty of permanent roof storage is that it gives even more things a proper place, eliminating clutter and confusion during horse trips. 

Don’t forget your horse’s needs when you’re designing your new custom horse trailer.  Adding a hay pod gives you somewhere to store his feed and helps keep the dust down in the horse compartment.  Call us today at 1-888-244-2029 for more clever ways to make your new trailer work with your lifestyle.  We’ve got lots of trailer models to choose from with storage options to declutter even the most unorganized traveler.

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