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Countdown of the 16 Best Horse Christmas Pictures This Year

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

If you're not quite in the holiday spirit yet this year, there is no need to fear.

Whether you're staying home for the holidays, or hitching up your horse trailer and hitting the road to travel; our year-end wrap up of the best horse Christmas pictures are sure to get you feeling festive.

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#1: It's a Family Affair

a family christmas picture with a horse

Owning a horse is so much fun. This family horse Christmas picture is, in our opinion, Christmas card worthy.

#2. Pin the Tail on The...

a rear of a horse with a Christmas bow in its tail

Pin the tail on the donkey... Wait. Maybe just pin the red Christmas bow on the horse.

#3. Three's Company

three mini horses in the snow with Christmas gear on

The three amigos look pretty happy to pose in the snow for their owners. How many treats do you think it took to bribe them for this photo?

#4. Did Someone Say Santa?!

a horse dressed up in a Santa Claus costume

As happy as this horse looks in its Santa gear, we're starting to think that he may ACTUALLY work for Santa.

#5. Keepin' It Simple

a horse with a Christmas saddle pad

We are swooning over this Christmas saddle pad. It's simple and you can reuse something like this year after year!

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#6. Naughty or Nice?

a horse posing with Christmas stockings

The stockings say that this horse has been good, but by that mischevious smile... We're not completely convinced!

#7. Tell Us How You Really Feel...

a white horse with a santa hat on sticking its tongue out

This horse is lettings its owner know how they really feel about having to put on a silly Christmas hat.

#8. Baby, It's Cold Outside

an edited photo of a horse walking in the snow in Christmas gear

Brr! It's cold outside, but this horse sure does look majestic in the white covered forest.

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#9. Reindeer Duty

a horse pulling a sleigh

This horse got placed on reindeer duty, pulling Santa's sleigh around.

#10. Shining Bright

a horse in Christmas gear with Christmas lights behind them

The Christmas lights make this dark bay horse really sparkle!

#11. Rudolph... Is That You?

a horse smiling with Christmas decor on their head

Did this cheesin' horse have you fooled for a second?!

#12. A Christmas... Unicorn

a horse dressed as a Christmas unicorn

We've never heard of a Christmas unicorn... but this horse rocks it pretty well!

#13. Hey... What About My Stall?!

a horse in a stall with Christmas decorations

This horse's owner didn't forget about decorating their stall too.

#14. When is Santa Coming?!

two miniature horses with Santa saddle pads on

These two minis are ready for Santa to bring them their Christmas treats.

#15. Santa, I've Been Good!

a brown horse with a Santa hat on

This horse is wearing a hat that says angel, so we're pretty sure that means its nailed a spot on the nice list this year.

#16. Christmas in July

a horse at the beach in a Santa hat

Christmas in July? We like it.

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