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Don't Get Stranded on the Side of the Road: Roadside Assistance for Horse Trailers

Last updated June 7, 2024 by Brad Heath

The trailer is packed tight with equipment. The horses are munching on their hay bags.  And you’re two hours into a cross country drive with your horses. The destination is some of the best mountain trail riding in your entire state.

But that’s when you hear it… a strange CLUNK sounds louder than Tim McGraw’s singing on the radio.

At the same time, your steering starts to feel funny and you feel the horses anxiously shift their feet.

Pulling over, your heart sinks as you discover a flat tire. What started as an exciting adventure now threatens to become a stressful ordeal.

You have a flat tire… now what are you going to do?

2 horse bumper pull trailerHorse trailers present unique challenges during breakdowns.

Unlike a car, you can't simply pull over and wait for help. Your horses are precious cargo, requiring a safe and controlled environment until the situation is resolved. This is where roadside assistance specifically designed for horse trailers becomes a lifesaver.

Imagine the difference. Instead of scrambling to find a tow truck that can handle your trailer's weight and dimensions, you simply call your roadside assistance provider. Knowing they understand the specific needs of horse trailers – from flat tires and electrical issues to brake problems – brings instant calm. Their technicians are trained to diagnose and fix trailer issues efficiently, minimizing stress for both you and your horses.

The beauty of horse ownership often lies in exploring new trails and events across the country. Roadside assistance membership ensures you're never truly alone on the road. No matter where you encounter trouble, a single phone call connects you with a network of qualified service providers. This 24/7 availability provides peace of mind, knowing help is just a call away, day or night.

Roadside assistance memberships go beyond simply towing your trailer. Many programs offer comprehensive coverage for repairs, tire changes, and even temporary stabling for your horses while your trailer is being fixed. This financial protection saves you from potentially significant out-of-pocket expenses during an emergency. Furthermore, by dispatching qualified technicians with experience in horse trailer repairs, roadside assistance providers expedite the resolution process. This gets you back on the road faster, minimizing disruption to your travel plans.

Types of Roadside Assistance:

There are various roadside assistance programs available, each offering different levels of coverage. Some basic plans might focus on towing and roadside repairs, while others offer more comprehensive coverage, including temporary stabling, winching services for off-road situations, and even roadside tire service specifically designed for large trailers.

Finding the Right Plan:

The best roadside assistance program for you depends on your individual needs and budget. Factors to consider include;

  • Frequency of travel: Frequent travelers may benefit from a more comprehensive plan with nationwide coverage.
  • Trailer type and size: Larger trailers or those with specialized features may require providers with specific expertise.
  • Number of horses you typically transport: Some plans offer tiered coverage based on the number of horses your trailer can accommodate.

A roadside assistance membership is not just about convenience; it's an investment in peace of mind. Knowing you're prepared for the unexpected allows you to focus on what truly matters – enjoying your time with your horses. Don't let a minor breakdown ruin your next adventure. Research and compare different roadside assistance providers to find a plan that offers the coverage and support you deserve. Contact your local horse trailer dealer or a reputable roadside assistance company today for a personalized quote and ensure your next journey is filled with nothing but happy trails.

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