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How to Purchase Roadside Assistance for your Horse Trailer in One Easy Step!

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

The trailer is packed tight with equipment. The horses are munching on their hay bags.  And you’re two hours into a cross country drive with your horses. The destination is some of the best mountain trail riding in your entire state.

But that’s when you hear it… a strange CLUNK sounds louder than Tim McGraw’s singing on the radio.  At the same time, your steering starts to feel funny and you feel the horses anxiously shift their feet.

You have a flat tire… now what are you going to do?

2 horse bumper pull trailerAs car owners, many of us take it for granted that we can call for assistance to help with a broken down vehicle. While safely waiting alongside the road, we wait for the car club locksmith, greet the local tow truck driver, or thank the kind police officer who helps direct traffic around our car. 

But, things aren’t as simple when you’re hauling a horse trailer…

Instead of the local cop or tow driver, you want someone who is experienced when it comes to dealing with horses and their trailer.  If your trailer needs major repairs, you want someone who knows trailers and can find you the parts you need and the right mechanic to install them. And you want someone who can help you find a safe place to keep your horses overnight!

That’s why Double D Trailers is proud to announce a new partnership with Trail Guard

Now, when you purchase a trailer from us, you have the option to purchase a 1-year membership to TrailGuard along with your trailer.  We’ll take care of the membership sign-up process so you have one less thing to worry about with your new trailer.

Adding this membership to your trailer purchase is as easy as clicking a checkbox or telling Brad you want to sign up.

For $390 annual membership, TrailGuard will come to you 24 hours per day, tow your vehicle to the nearest vehicle dealership repair. And tow your horses inside your trailer to your home, or local boarding facility.

This roadside assistance program is specially designed to work for horse owners who want to have peace of mind. Emergencies can arise at the worst of times and being a member of TrailGuard assures you are never alone when out on the road.

Instead of trying to do it yourself or watching a local mechanic fumble with your trailer, that flat tire will be fixed quickly by someone who knows how to work with horse trailers.

This program is also important so you can have financial protection.  The service protects your vehicles, your trailers, and your animals.  As a TrailGuard member, you are guaranteed to have a team on your side to get you off the road in an emergency.  This way you and your horses can safely get to your destination.

Check out this quick video to see Brad’s overview of TrailGuard’s features:

TrailGuard Finds a Solution, Even If They Have to Fly Parts in from Out-of-State!

roadside assistanceOur team spoke with TrailGuard representative Tina Clepper to learn more about this helpful roadside assistance program. She told us about one particular case where their team was forced to think outside the box to help a family’s horses.

“We had a member stranded in California.  He had recently purchased new tires and had them installed on this truck and he lost a wheel and tire of the truck.  The dealership who had installed the tires had most likely over-tightened the lug nuts and the studs and sheared off. 

“It just so happened that the Chrysler parts system was down nationwide.  We were able to locate the part he needed in Oklahoma.  We got the parts, put them on a plane to California.  A courier picked up the part and delivered it to the roadside repair company assigned to the task.  Overall, it took us 4 hours to get him back on the road!”

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are…

This fantastic program is a great option for any horse trailer owner who lives in the U.S. Tina went on to explain, “When a member needs us, they call in to our office and inform us as to what is going on.  At that time, we work with the customer to determine the ideal plan of action.” 

“We have a network or service providers nationwide.  We do not contract our service providers which means we will find the company that can get to the customer the fastest.”

Should You Choose TrailGuard Over Other Roadside Assistance Options?

3 horse gooseneck horse trailerWhen asked about lower cost alternatives, Tina pointed out a few ways TrailGuard provides better value. “With our service you will not be exposed to out-of-pocket expenses when using the service.  We also provide membership to the whole family and/or anyone operating a member’s vehicle or trailer.” 

She went on to talk about their customer service.  Have you ever called for roadside assistance and been directed to a noisy call center where you feel like you only have half of the operator’s attention?  With TrailGuard, you’ll never be directed to a call center. 

Tina explained, “Instead, you will be connected to a staff member that understands the complexity of your situation and customers receive a first-class personalized service.”

Finally, because of the way TrailGuard works, it essentially replaces the need for any other roadside service program.  It covers personal vehicles, towing vehicles, and camper trailers, etc.  Basically, anything that can be LEGALLY tagged to drive on the road will be covered by the service.

How Can You Add TrailGuard to Your Double D Trailer Purchase?

roadside assistanceIf you look at any custom horse trailer model on our site, you’ve likely seen the “customize” button on the page.  This allows you to pick and choose what features you’d like to include on your trailer. 

For instance, on the SafeTack 3 Horse Gooseneck Trailer, click on “Customize” in the top menu.  Then, click “Optional Comfort Features.”  You’ll see an option for “Roadside Assistance” near the bottom.  Simply click this box to add your 1-year membership to your trailer’s quote.

If you have any questions regarding this service or horse trailer towing safety, be sure to contact Brad Heath, owner of Double D Trailers.


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