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Is Equestrian Roadside Assistance Worth the Cost?

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

There's nothing scarier than the thought of having an accident while transporting your horse, but it’s an unfortunate reality horse owners face every day.  You may wonder if you really need special equestrian roadside assistance when you’ve already got a AAA policy, but there are huge differences between these two products.  The last thing you want is to be left on your own after years of paying for coverage you believed would help you when you were in a pinch.  Still, how do you know if equestrian roadside assistance is worth the extra cost? 

What Does Equestrian Roadside Assistance Cover?

Equestrian roadside assistance covers more than just your car or truck -- it also covers horse trailers, whether they’re loaded or empty.  Unlike your AAA membership, if you have a breakdown or accident while hauling your horses, the first concern of an equestrian roadside assistance policy is making sure your animals are safe.  Along with standard roadside assistance like tire changes, locksmith services, and vehicle towing, an equestrian policy also offers the following equestrian-specific benefits: 

Veterinarian Referral Service.  If your horse gets sick while you’re away from home, your equestrian roadside assistance program can help you find a qualified veterinarian anywhere in the Continental United States, Alaska or Canada.

Farrier Referral Services.  Horses that need unplanned hoof care can’t always wait to get home to their regular farrier, especially if they’ve had a foot injury or thrown a shoe.  Equestrian roadside assistance programs keep a list of qualified farriers who can get your horse back on his feet in no time.

Emergency Stabling.  Sometimes it can take days to get horse trailers back on the road after a bad accident.  In the meantime, you want your horse to stay somewhere secure and well-equipped to care for him.  Equestrian roadside assistance services maintain a list of stables across the country and can find you a short-term boarding opening quickly after a non-injury accident.

Emergency Veterinarian Service Coverage.  In the event that you have an accident while pulling your trailer that results in the injury of your horse, equestrian roadside assistance coverage can even reimburse you for the veterinarian care and overnight stabling required to treat him.  Accidents involving horse trailers can be frightening, but the bill for your horse's care doesn’t have to be.

Equestrian roadside assistance is a valuable tool for any horse owner who takes their horse out on the open road, even if the trips are just across town to the farrier or vet.  After all, accidents can happen anywhere.  For about the same price as a AAA membership, you can ensure that your favorite four-legged family member is protected in case the worst were to happen. 

There’s no limit on the types of trailers insured, either.  Whether you’re pulling a two horse trailer or one of the fancier living quarters horse trailers, all the horses inside are protected.  Companies offering this type of service are owned by horse owners and strive to do whatever it takes to disrupt your horse adventure as little as possible, even if that means sending someone to make a repair on the roadside.  At the end of the day, with all that it covers, equestrian roadside assistance is a must-have for anyone who hauls their horses, no matter how far.  

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