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How it Works: Unloading and Loading a Horse in a 3D-Printed Horse Trailer

Last updated October 23, 2023 by Brad Heath

A common question we received when we first announced the goal of 3D printing a horse trailer was: Would loading a horse in a 3D-printed horse trailer be different from loading on any of our other traditionally manufactured trailer models? 

an aerial view of a 3D printed horse trailer hitched to a tow vehicleUnderstandably, how loading a horse in a trailer will go can determine the success of our travel endeavors as horse owners. If you have an easy loader, then loading them up and hitching up and rolling out makes traveling a breeze. However, if you have a problem loader, then you know that loading a horse in a trailer can feel like a burden. Often, a bad loading experience leaves your horse agitated, leaves you feeling defeated, and can really put a damper on your traveling plans. 

Here at Double D Trailers, we pride ourselves in being a brand that is known for prioritizing horse and handler safety; and working diligently to find innovative solutions to make traveling with your horses both more convenient and more safe. The Double D Trailers 3D-printed sustainable horse trailer model is no different - and it is created with the same safety features and standards that are available on all of the horse trailers that we manufacture.

3D Printing Technology Makes Loading in a Horse Trailer Safer and Easier with Unique FeaturesThe world's first 3D-printed horse trailer is patent pending by Double D Trailers.

We’ve asked ourselves over the years, what is the point of having a horse trailer that looks nice, if your horse hates it? If that’s the case, the horse trailer that you spent your hard-earned money on to invest in will likely be sitting parked, never used. However, when the focus is shifted toward creating a horse trailer that has functional features to make loading a horse in a trailer a breeze, then both horses and handlers are happy. When we decided to pursue printing a horse trailer with 3D printing technology, we had the same priorities in mind. With 3D printing a horse trailer, the mission at Double D Trailers remains the same - to produce the safest horse trailer on the market. 

Some of the features available on Double D Trailers that make loading/unloading your horse easier, including the anticipated patent pending 3D-printed horse trailer model, include: 

  • Patented SafeTack Reverse Load Trailer Design

One of the major advancements that we have made in our horse trailer designs is our patented SafeTack Reverse horse trailer. This feature is exclusive to Double D Trailers models and yup - it will be standard on our 3D-printed horse trailer model as well. This trailer design is advantageous to traditional horse trailer layouts as it allows horses to walk on and walk off the trailer without ever having to turn around or back up into the trailer. In addition, the swing out rear tack compartment functions as a second door rather than being stationary, to give a wide open loading and unloading area. 

  • Low Ramps

Have you ever tried loading a horse in a trailer that has obnoxiously steep ramps? Of course, they don’t want to ever load on trailers with this ramp style. Not only are steep ramps dangerous as they can cause horses to slip and fall, but they can also increase horse anxiety when loading and unloading. Double D Trailers ramps are installed at a lower hinge point than other trailer manufacturers. When a horse trailer ramp is at a lower incline, and built with a traction surface, this results in a safer and more comfortable experience for your horse to walk on or walk off of. 

  • an aerial view of the Double D Trailers 3D printed horse trailerInviting Interiors

Attempting the process of loading a horse in a trailer is even more difficult when you try to load them onto a trailer that is dark and closed off. Double D Trailers, including our 3D-printed horse trailer model, have wide-open, bright entrances that make the horse trailer inviting for your horse to load on.

  • Ample Space

A key when it comes to making loading a horse in a trailer a breeze is to make sure that they are being hauled in a trailer that fits them adequately. If you’re trying to load a large Warmblood horse onto a trailer that was built to accommodate a standard size horse, they’re going to protest you during the loading and unloading process. Just like we as humans don’t like to feel cramped; horses don’t either. Our 3D-printed horse trailer will come standard as a 96” wide trailer, built to fit large Warmblood horses.

  • Air Flow

Let’s be honest - how many road trip arguments have you been in over what temperature the car air should be set at? It makes a big difference in travel comfortability when you have air flow. The same concept goes for loading a horse in a trailer. 

What Safety Features are Unique to ONLY the New 3D Printed Horse Trailer?

  • The Double D Trailers 3D-printed trailer will be a bit different than our conventionally manufactured trailers in this aspect; as we’ll have an air duct system that is printed directly into the frame of the horse trailer. This proprietary system will ensure that your horses are receiving constant air flow and that they are being loaded onto a trailer that feels comfortable; not stuffy. 

  • The dividers will be adjustable. You’ll be able to move your dividers to increase or decrease stall width - so if you have an extra wide horse, you can give them plenty of stall space, too.

  • Our new 3D-printed trailer model will have ample windows to let in additional light for your horses. The Double D Trailers 3D-printed trailer models, known as the Carbon series, will have 300% more glass and which allows 300% more light to enter.  This will make the 3D trailer one of the most inviting on the market. No other trailer has this amount of unobstructed light.

  • Solely in the 3D-printed horse trailer model, the SafeTack box will be fully removable so that the horse area space can be completely opened up to haul other things like carriages, wagons, or even golf carts.

3D Printing a Horse Trailer Makes Prioritizing Horse and Handler Safety Even Easier

Of course, safely loading a horse in a trailer is very important. But what’s also important is that your horse is able to remain safe while traveling as well. The unique horse trailer safety features on our upcoming 3D-printed horse trailer model will be very similar to our traditionally manufactured models. Our team is working diligently with industry professionals and designers like the experts at Loci Robotics and One/One Lab to ensure that we are utilizing printing materials and designs that are the most optimal for horse safety. Plus, we’re going through extensive testing to make sure that this 3D-printed horse trailer will hold up to anything that a horse can throw at it.

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