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Optional Trailer Features You Need to Add

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

Building custom horse trailers means having to make a lot of tough decisions in order to get the right configuration for the best price possible.  Sure, you can probably do without the jacuzzi in the tack room, but there are some other optional features you might want to consider when you’re designing your dream horse trailer from scratch.  Even though you can have a perfectly useful trailer without these options, there are a number of options that will make your trailer a lot more functional and safe.

Load Lights.  You may never plan to load in the dark, but things happen and sometimes the night creeps up on you.  Load lights are inexpensive options and when you need them, there’s no substitution.  Add as many outside lights as you can to make those nighttime loads go much more smoothly.

External Switches.  Interior fans and lights are invaluable options, but if you’re constantly fumbling for the switches, they can be less useful than they should be.  Upgrade your switches by adding them to the outside of your trailer, it’ll make switching lights and fans on easier when it’s dark inside the trailer. 

Roof Hay Storage.  Horse trailers never seem to have enough storage, especially when it comes to hay.  Sure, you can toss a few bales in the tack room or front stall, but what if you’re fully loaded with horses?  An optional hay rack or hay pod gives you more places to stash hay by adding a specially designed rack on the roof, with or without a cover.

Extra Water Tank.  You probably take your trailer plenty of places that have access to fresh water, but what about the journey along the way?  Can you always guarantee your horses will have access to water?  If not, the small fee associated with an extra water tank may save you a lot of worry and frustration by letting you bring your own water along for the trip.

Rubber Flooring.  One of the beautiful things about custom horse trailers is how much you can pick and choose.  Instead of using clunky rubber mats, for example, you can choose to have rubber composite flooring installed.  This flooring offers all the benefits of thick, high grade rubber stall mats without all the heavy lifting.

Full Height Dividers.  Even if you don’t have any foals or older horses now, thinking toward the future is always recommended when you’re buying a horse trailer.  Full height dividers give you more flexibility, allowing you to haul injured, infirmed or young horses as easily as healthy horses.  Without having to worry that these animals will slide under the dividers, you can focus on the road.

Front Stall Escape Door.  Horse trailers can be dangerous places if there aren’t enough exits to escape an agitated horse.  If the base trailer you’re looking at doesn’t come with a front stall escape door, add one for your own safety and the safety of your horses.  The extra access can simplify loading, as well as providing you a quick retreat.

Before you finalize your custom horse trailer, make sure you’ve thought about the little things.  After all, if you realize you need more hay or water storage when you’re running down the highway, it’s already too late to do anything about it.  Play it safe and plan ahead with little extras to make your horse adventures go more smoothly.

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