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Can You Rent a Horse Trailer?

Last updated March 4, 2024 by Brook Norris

Can you rent a horse trailer? The answer is yes, but you should know that it’s not always simple. All horse owners know that buying a horse trailer is a big investment, and it’s certainly not something that should be taken lightly. For a lot of people, buying a brand new horse trailer isn’t always an immediate option. So, it’s no surprise that horse trailer rentals are a hot topic.

Pros and Cons of Horse Trailer Rentals


#1: Horse trailer rental is much more cost efficient.

If you are someone that only needs to travel with their horse a couple times each year, then horse trailer rental is a much more budget friendly option for your situation.  On average, renting a horse trailer for a day costs around $200, depending on where you rent the trailer from, as well as the size of the horse trailer.

a small bumper pull trailer parked in an open grass lot#2: Renting a horse trailer lets you ‘try before you buy.’

If you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into buying your first horse trailer, renting one before you buy is a nice option. Renting out different horse trailers will let you see which style of trailer that your horse(s) prefer to load on, whether you want a bumper pull or gooseneck trailer, and if there is a particular horse trailer brand that you’re more inclined to liking.

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#3: You don’t have to maintain a rental horse trailer.

Owning a horse trailer requires a lot of work. Cleaning and maintenance is a constant job. When you choose to rent a horse trailer instead of buy, you’ll only have to worry about cleaning it out before you return it. In most cases, horse trailers that are used for rental purposes are well-maintained either by the dealer or by their private owner; so it’s already in pristine condition when it gets to you.

#4: You don’t have to find somewhere to store a horse trailer.

Renting out a horse trailer a few times a year when you’re needing to haul your horse prevents you from having to worry about finding somewhere on your property to store a horse trailer. For those that have limited options for parking and storage at home, it’s a nice perk.


#1: It can be difficult to find somewhere that rents out horse trailers.

Depending on where you live, finding a horse trailer rental place can be challenging. For some people, a quick Google search will bring up tons of options to rent out a horse trailer. For others, there may not be anything available near you.

#2: Just because you find a horse trailer rental, doesn’t mean it’s what you want or need.

Renting a horse trailer gives major limitations as to what style of trailer that you’re going to be able to haul your horses in. Let’s say that you are most comfortable towing a bumper pull for transporting your 2 horses. You have a show coming up next month, so you start the search for a horse trailer rental. After hours and hours of research, the only model that you can find for rent near you is a 3 horse gooseneck. You’re not familiar or comfortable loading or hauling with anything higher than a 2 horse bumper pull. Unfortunately when you don’t own a horse trailer, you’re stuck with what you are able to find.

#3: Horse trailer rental is not a good solution for problem loaders.

If you have a tough loader, consistency is crucial when it comes to practicing loading. Even more importantly, your horse needs to be able to get used to their trailer. When you are renting out different horse trailers every now and then, your horse never gets the opportunity to adjust to their own horse trailer. So, there is a high probability that loading/unloading will continue to be an issue for both you and your horse.

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#4: There’s something about owning (and designing) your own horse trailer…

When it comes to buying a horse trailer, there’s nothing quite like it. Especially if you choose a brand like Double D Trailers that allows you to customize your own horse trailer. If you have horses that are a range of different sizes, like to haul in a certain position, or maybe there are some additional upgrades that you want on your trailer - a custom horse trailer allows you to accomplish all of this.

When you work with the Double D Trailers team of expert designers, we walk with you on your horse trailer purchase journey from start to finish to make sure that you get the exact horse trailer to accommodate the needs of both you and your horses.

a horse walking onto the back ramp of a horse trailerWhere Can I Rent a Horse Trailer?

When it comes to finding a place to rent a horse trailer from, there are two main options: dealers and private owners. Choosing between a dealer and a private owner will largely depend on the options where you live. Some places across the US have a plethora of small horse trailer dealers that frequently rent out their horse trailers. Whereas in other locations, you may find that only a few private horse trailer owners have decided to offer their horse trailer for rent.

One major trailer manufacturer that does offer horse trailer rentals is Leonard Trailers, you can find more information about their rental services on their website.

In addition, there are a few other places that we recommend to check out if you’re looking to rent a horse trailer:

  • Horsetrailerforrent.com

  • Facebook groups and Facebook marketplace [NOTE: Beware of scams.]

  • Neighborstrailer.com

  • Ask around! Oftentimes, the best way to find a private horse trailer rental is through word of mouth in the horse community.

4 Important Tips for Renting a Horse Trailer: Read This BEFORE You Rent

Tip #1: Make sure your vehicle can tow the trailer that you’re renting. Read our simple checks to know if your truck can haul your trailer safely.

Tip #2: Confirm that the horse trailer you will be renting has an insurance plan covering it.

Tip #3: Make sure that you have signed a rental contract (even if you’re renting from a private owner), and make sure that you have read it in detail.

Tip #4: Record the condition of the horse trailer before you hitch up. If needed, you can take photos of the current condition of the trailer for your records. This ensures that no one can say that you caused any damage to their horse trailer while it was in your possession if you have proof of any existing damage or wear.

Can I Rent a Horse Trailer from Double D Trailers?

We have been asked many times throughout the years if we provide horse trailer rental services, and the answer is no. Here’s why: Double D Trailers are different from other horse trailer manufacturers. We specialize in custom built to order horse trailers, which means that we do not have any inventory in stock. Rather, we like to focus on assisting people in creating the horse trailer of their dreams. So, this does mean that we are not able to offer horse trailer rental services to our customers.

If you’d like to get a free quote on your own custom horse trailer, just reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does U-Haul rent horse trailers?

No, U-Haul does not offer horse trailers for rent or any other type of livestock trailers.

Where can I rent a horse trailer near me? 

The best place to begin your search for a horse trailer rental is through a local horse trailer dealer.

How much does it cost to buy a horse trailer?

The purchase cost of a horse trailer varies greatly. The major factors that determine trailer price include the age and condition of the trailer, the style of trailer, and the features that the trailer offers. On average, horse owners can expect to spend anywhere from around $10,000 - $100,000+ for purchasing a horse trailer.

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