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Safe Towing Guide for 3D-Printed Horse Trailers

Last updated October 23, 2023 by Brad Heath

The world's first 3D-printed horse trailer is patent pending by Double D Trailers. Safe towing is important when you are towing any type of equipment behind your tow vehicle, but it becomes especially important when talking about horse trailers. Over the years at Double D Trailers, we have emphasized a focus on safe towing. Particularly when it comes to hauling a trailer behind you that is carrying your precious cargo, knowing that you are safely towing your horses from point A to point B is extremely important. Throughout the process of designing our patent pending 3D-printed horse trailer, we made sure to keep safe towing a top priority.

How Will the 3D-Printed Horse Trailer Be Equipped for Safe Towing?

Aerodynamic Shape 

Most experienced drivers know that aerodynamics place a big part in how something hauls behind your tow vehicle. This is so well-known that there are many aerodynamic trailer add-on solutions available for purchase. If you’re towing a trailer behind you that is not aerodynamic, think of it as pulling tons of bricks against the flow of the wind. Needless to say, it won’t handle well, and it could turn into a dangerous situation on the highway. 

Safe towing demonstrated with the aerodynamic design of Double D Trailers 3D-printed horse trailer

You may be asking yourself: Why is having an aerodynamic design so important? A trailer with greater aerodynamics will have decreased trailer sway on the road, resulting in safe towing and travel. Aerodynamic features and design serve to deflect the wind and keep your trailer steady while towing.

With the 3D-printed horse trailer, we ensured that the design would be extremely aerodynamic. Because of how the trailer is able to be manufactured, it will be a one-piece construction. As opposed to traditionally manufactured horse trailers, this one-piece design as well as the rounded shape that differs from standard horse trailer designs will enhance the aerodynamics of the horse trailer while in transit and contribute to a more safe towing experience. 

Fun Fact: An emissions study cited by FleetOwner.com reported that improving aerodynamic design results in less towing drag - which can improve fuel economy! (Hello, gas savings).

Fender Skirt

It’s nothing new to see aluminum fender skirts on trailers and trucks. However, fender skirts made out of aluminum - although designed to increase aerodynamics; can actually have the opposite effect. Rather, the 3D-printed horse trailer will have a fender skirt that is constructed of a blend of polycarbonate, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. 

Freightwing Aeroflex Trailer Skirt - Image Courtesy of https://www.iowa80.com/

According to Sean Graham, President of Freight Wing, his company has seen the most success in improving aerodynamics with fender skirts that are constructed of automotive-grade plastic. Graham reported that this method of fender skirt construction, often used in semi-trucks and also the material that will be used in the 3D-printed horse trailer:

  • Wears well, even when it encounters road obstacles or debris

  • Very durable

  • Easily repairable

  • Enhances aerodynamics 

  • Contributes to fuel savings while towing


It’s a common misconception that it’s not possible to practice safe towing with a lightweight horse trailer. While this is true for some horse trailer designs and methods, it’s not a sure-fire statement. Most people assume that heavier horse trailers = safe towing; when in fact safe towing has more to do with how your tow vehicle and tow truck align with each other. 

In our 20+ years of manufacturing horse trailers, we have seen many situations where horse owners are traveling with trailers that are far too heavy for their tow vehicles to handle. Having an improperly matched tow vehicle and trailer combo can result in:

  • Chassis warping

  • Tire damage/blow out

  • Engine/transmission damage

  • Accelerated break wear 

  • Snapped hitch

And of course, in worst case scenarios, hauling a trailer with a truck that is not capable of handling the load can cause an accident just because of how poorly that it will handle and how difficult that it will be to maneuver.

The 3D-printed horse trailer design is much more lightweight because it isn’t constructed of traditional building materials like steel or aluminum. This means that it will be properly equipped to tow with a wider range of tow vehicles.

General Guidelines for Safe Towing with Horse Trailers

Of course, aside from the design of the horse trailer aiding in safe towing, it’s important that you as a horse owner follow a few general guidelines when traveling with your horses in tow: 

#1: Know how much your horse trailer weighs, unloaded and loaded with your horses and all of your tack and gear. 

#2: Know how much weight that your tow vehicle can carry - including the tow capacity AND the tongue weight capacity. 

#3: Know how much weight that your hitch can support. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is safe towing?

Safe towing a horse trailer refers to having best towing practices in place and ensuring that your truck is equipped to carry the loaded weight or your trailer safely. 

How can I improve my trailer aerodynamics?

Trailer aerodynamics can be improved by shape, fender skirts, and good tires. 

Should the horse trailer be level when towing?

Unlevel horse trailers are extremely dangerous. An unlevel trailer tells you that your trailer and truck combo is not adequately matched. 

What is the most aerodynamic shape for a trailer?

V-nose, teardrop-shaped trailers are the most aerodynamic shape designs. The 3D-printed horse trailer from Double D Trailers combines both. 

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