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Three Ways Insulation Matters to Horse Safety

There are lots of factors to consider when looking at horse trailers for sale, but one of the most often overlooked can make a huge difference to your horse’s travel safety.  Insulation may seem like a luxury reserved for more expensive living quarters horse trailers, but the fact is that if your horse box isn’t properly insulated, your horse can easily become overheated, uncomfortable or downright unruly during long trips.

Here are three big ways that insulation matters to horse safety:

Heat is dangerous to horses, so is cold.  Pampered race horses get the best of everything, including climate controlled trailers, but there’s a reason for that beyond their elite status.  Horse trailers can get extremely hot on long trips -- high temperatures radiating off the pavement and bright sunshine hitting the roof work together to turn a horse trailer into an extra large microwave.  Even if your horse is just a weekend warrior who shies away from fame, he deserves to be protected from overheating.  Don’t forget that frigid temperatures can be dangerous, too, though a horse can take a lot more cold than hot.

Road noises are scary and stress horses.  Horses who refuse to load into a cheap two horse trailer but load easily into a better equipped model aren’t just primadonnas -- they’re sensitive to the noises they’ve heard while hanging on for dear life in un-insulated trailers.  If you were traveling 60 plus miles an hour down the highway, unable to see the road ahead and hearing every bump, jingle and rattle your trailer made, you’d be nervous, too.  Insulated trailers will help calm your horse’s trailer fear by providing him with a quiet ride.

Insulated roofs protect horses who rear.  Even if the scary trailer noises aren’t a problem for your horse, he may have been involved in a serious trailer accident or was improperly trained to load at some point.  These horses express their frustration by pawing at walls and rearing up in the trailer.  A rearing horse can literally punch a hole through a thin metal trailer roof, which is why our custom horse trailers come standard with insulated roofs.  Instead of tearing the thin metal with his head and causing himself serious injury, your rearing horse will bounce off the ceiling no worse for wear. 

All Double D horse trailers come equipped with our patented SafeBump roof system, designed for both safety and comfort.  The white exterior paint prevents overheating in the horse box while the double wall, fiberglass insulated construction is designed to flex when there’s pressure applied from below.  SafeBump roofs are built without bolts, rivets, screws or fasteners inside the horse area to eliminate as many potential sources of injury as possible.

When you’re shopping for your next horse trailer, take a look at our huge selection of custom horse trailers with SafeBump roofs standard.  We can help you build the trailer of your dreams or even match you to a used model that one of our happy customers traded in toward their own new horse trailers.  Double D trailers are built for horse owners by horse owners, so you can be sure that they’re designed with your horse’s safety first.

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