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Why Choose a Gooseneck Trailer?

Last updated December 15, 2023 by Brad Heath

You’ve got a lot to think about before buying your next horse trailer.  From the number of horses you’ll be hauling to the type of brakes and tack system on board, the choices you make now can affect how long you’ll be able to use your new trailer.  Depending on how far you intend to haul your horses, you may also be considering a gooseneck horse trailer.  Although these trailers are often more expensive to own and operate, there are many good reasons to choose the gooseneck over the bumper pull trailer.

Cost Versus Value 

There’s no question that bumper pull trailers cost less than gooseneck horse trailers, but unless you’re planning to use your trailer strictly for trips to the local vet and back, the goosenecks offer a considerable value over the cheaper bumper pulls.  The most noticeable difference between the two, and the thing that makes them function so differently, is the hitch.  It might seem like a little thing, but there’s a reason bumper pull trailers have a reputation for being hard to pull and unsteady -- they’re being pulled by a small piece of metal attached to the back of your truck!

Gooseneck trailers, on the other hand, are mounted directly over the back axle of your pickup, allowing the often bigger, heavier trailers to pull and back with ease, moving more like an original piece of the vehicle.  This ultimately translates to a smoother ride for your horses and a safer haul for you, whether you’re traveling across town or across the country.  Because of the hitch design, there’s virtually no chance a gooseneck trailer can uncouple during transport, unlike a bumper pull trailer.

Size Matters 

Because of the ease of pulling a gooseneck horse trailer, they’re generally bigger than their bumper pulled counterparts.  Even goosenecks without living quarters can easily be outfitted with a sleeping area in the space above your truck’s bed, saving you money on hotels and eliminating the need to pack camping gear for more primitive outings.  If you do travel a lot with your horses, a gooseneck trailer can be outfitted with living quarters as your home away from home, complete with a functioning kitchenette, bathroom and sleeping area.

Your horses reap the benefits of the bigger trailer, too.  Instead of having to load or unload by backing out because of limited space in a bumper pull trailer, many goosenecks are designed with side loading doors that allow your horse to enter and exit head first.  These trailers can hold more horses in bigger stalls, and even the most aged among your horses will hardly feel the road because so much more of the trailer’s weight is shifted to your truck’s back axle.  If you habitually haul more than two horses, it’s safer and easier to haul them in a gooseneck.

Double D Trailers has a variety of gooseneck horse trailers for sale, ranging from basic two horse trailers to four horse trailers with all the bells and whistles.  You can even customize your trailer, whether you need rubberized flooring or to add a complete living quarter package.  Check out our basic gooseneck trailer models here.

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