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You’ll Never Forget Your First Horse

Last updated December 15, 2023 by Brad Heath

Penelope was a beautiful, sturdy black mare with big brown eyes and an intense curiosity about everything around her -- it wasn’t unusual to find her following me around the small pasture near the barn as I did chores, no matter what else might be going on in the barnyard that was twice as exciting.  And I didn’t mind, not even a little, when the horse I nicknamed “Pineapple” snuck up behind me, pretending to nibble on the grass just to get close.  She was my first, and she changed me in a million ways -- like they say, you’ll never forget your first horse.

At Double D Trailers, we understand how important your horse is to you, whether she’s your first or your fifteenth.  That’s why we work so hard to build the safest horse trailers on the road.  We do it because we know what it’s like, we do it because we all have a Penelope that is still a part of us, deep down, and who will never be “just a horse.”  We think about her with each and every trailer we build and it’s because of her that we’re constantly dreaming up new horse-friendly features.

Our lines of custom horse trailers combine everything we know about safety, security and technology to create the ultimate trailer for your horse adventure.  No matter where you take your trailer, you can rest assured that we designed it to last and guarantee it will arrive ready to roll, with every little sharp edge softened, every option checked and re-checked and vital systems like lighting and brakes in perfect working order.  If there’s a problem, we’ll make it right -- we’re horse owners, too, and we know how important it is for your trailer to be safe, beautiful and functional.

Innovations like our lightweight zinc alloy Z-Frames, tubular head dividers, SafeBump roof and SafeKick wall systems work together to create a safe, smooth ride, no matter where you take your horse.  Adding a recycled Rumbar floor will give her additional footing for long trips and our barred tubing head dividers give your horse better ventilation and more visibility to keep her calm.  After all, road trips should be just as much fun for our equine friends as they are for us, shouldn’t they?  If your horse is a little nervous about unloading once you reach your destination, simply swing out the SafeTack system to make a bigger opening for her to move through safely.

No matter if you intend to haul your Penelope in a two horse trailer to a friend’s farm for a short trail ride or across the country to a show in one of our horse trailers with living quarters, we’ve got options to make that trip the easiest you’ve ever taken with a horse in tow.  Email us at sales@doubledtrailers.com to discuss all the ways you can customize your trailer, we even have financing available to ensure you don’t have to compromise between safety and affordability in your next horse trailer.

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