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5 Ways to See a Double D Trailer Before You Buy

Last updated December 20, 2023 by Brad Heath

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “How can we see a Double D Trailer up close before we buy?”

We get it.  There’s no substitute for seeing a product in person, feeling its quality, and imagining your own horses enjoying the space.  In this article, we are going to share five easy ways to see a Double D Trailer in detail before you buy.

First of all, you should know that we’re not like most other horse trailer manufacturers. You can’t walk up to just any horse trailer sales lot and see one of our trailers parked there ready for a tour.  Instead, we focus on a factory-direct sales model.  This allows us to custom-build a horse trailer to match your exact requests and then deliver it right to your farm.

Still, with the five viewing options listed below, you can learn about our unique SafeTack design, see our outstanding quality, and be confident in your own horse trailer purchase.

1. Come Visit Us at a Horse Expo

If you’ve ever been to a horse expo or convention, you know it’s a very exciting place.  Huge halls are filled with interesting new equine products, trainers sharing their methods, and … of course … the very best trailers ready for in-person walk-thrus.

We enjoy attending these expos with our horse trailers because it gives us a chance to chat face-to-face with potential customers.  Plus, we can show off the major benefits of our SafeTack reverse load horse trailers.

Each year, we often attend the following events:

Equine Affair, MA

Equine Affaire, OH

Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento, CA

Western States Horse Expo in Pomona, CA

Please confirm with us ahead-of-time if you are hoping to see us at a specific event as our schedules are subject to change.


2. Check Out a Detailed Video Tour of Our Trailers

If attending an expo doesn’t work for you, you can take a video tour of our trailers without leaving the comfort of your own home.  Just click on one of our video links and watch Brad Heath, owner of Double D Trailers, personally walk you through the features of any given trailer.

Brad does a great job of explaining how things work while showing each given element in action.  He opens up the windows, climbs into the bed loft, and demonstrates the ease of lifting the rear trailer ramp.

He says, “We attempt to go over very specific details in the videos and point out features and benefits in relation to safety.”  The videos are a great way to see examples of our trailer models. The ones we build and deliver are just like the ones in the videos.

Just remember, every trailer is custom-made.  So if you see something in a video you’d rather change – the number of stalls, the layout of cabinetry, the type of flooring – it can be changed on your specific trailer build.

3. Visit Another Double D Trailer Owner In Your Area

We’re pretty excited about this particular option.  Over the years, our customers have told us how much they love to show off their new horse trailers at horse events nationwide.  Just going to a local show, our unique SafeTack design usually attracts some attention.  We decided to put these positive vibes to good work for potential new buyers.

We’ve created an easy-to-use tool that lets you search for other Double D Trailer owners in your home state.  Just type in your zip code and you’ll be shown an interactive map with trailer locations and descriptions.  Click on a trailer you want to view and we will reach out to that trailer owner on your behalf.

If the owner is available to meet with you, we’ll put you in touch with each other, so you can arrange an informal meeting on your own.  This is a fun way to meet other horse owners in your area while seeing a Double D Trailer that has been put to good use on an actual farm.

Click Here to Use Our Trailer Buyers Connect Tool


4. Photo Previews of Each Trailer Built

If you’re still in the shopping stage, you will definitely want to check out the photo collections on our website and Facebook page.  Each trailer that we build has an average of 50 photos taken showing every detail we can muster.

Photos are taken by our order entry staff member at our factory, so she knows every option inside and out.  Brad added, “Customers LOVE our photo review sessions.”

If you decide to build a trailer with us, we will send these photos of your specific trailer before the trailer even leaves the factory.  This way, you can review all of the custom features to make sure they match your expectations. And remember, you’ll see these photos after seeing a detailed blueprint of the trailer and lengthy discussion with Brad during the design process.

See something you want changed? Just let us know and we’ll make that adjustment before sending the trailer out for nationwide flat rate delivery to your farm.

5. Do a “Delivery Guarantee” Walk-Through of Your Trailer

Once your new trailer is delivered to your farm, you still have the option to do a walk-thru and refuse delivery if you’re not satisfied.  We know that sounds too good to be true, so let us explain…

Our entire design, order, build, and deliver process is extremely detail-oriented. To finalize any trailer order, we require a signature on the custom drawing, along with a date and signature on the order details (which is several pages long.)

Once an order is placed, our engineers work behind-the-scenes to recreate Brad’s illustrative drawing for your trailer.  That is why it is vital for all of our communications with customers be kept in writing.  We use these conversations to make sure no design details fall through the cracks.

With this extremely detailed ordering process, combined with the detailed photo review described above, we successfully deliver trailers with a 100% “correctly built” success rate. That’s pretty huge! If something doesn’t match the order details, the trailer simply doesn’t leave the factory until it’s right.

Even with this attention to detail, we understand that being able to actually walk inside isn’t the same as viewing photos or a video. So this last stage of the process allows you to walk inside your brand new trailer after it’s been delivered.

Try all the doors, test the feel of the living quarters, and jump around back in the horse area.  Do whatever you need to do to make sure you are satisfied with the quality and features included in your trailer.

Then… and only then… do you sign off on delivery and accept the trailer.

We are so confident in our process and insuring satisfaction with our clients, we have a 100% money back guarantee.  It states that if our driver rolls up to deliver and you are not 100% satisfied, you can refuse delivery.

We will either build you another trailer or refund all of your funds immediately… no questions asked!

If you have any additional questions about viewing a Double D Trailer, please reach out to Brad Heath.

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