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Adriane’s Story: “Top Notch Customer Service… I Don’t Regret a Penny!"

Last updated December 18, 2023 by Brad Heath

3 horse bumper pull trailerCompetitive trail riding, endurance, parades, beach rides, mounted archery, broom polo… these are just a few of the things Adriane of Vancouver, WA loves to do with her horses.

Years ago, she had a 2 horse bumper pull straight load trailer that her horses absolutely hated.  But things changed about 10 years ago when she bought her first Double D Trailer.  Suddenly going on trailer rides wasn’t a hassle anymore! More recently, Adriane upgraded to our newest SafeTack Reverse Bumper Pull design.  It’s been the perfect new addition to her farm.  Now, she and her daughter are better able to follow their main love of trail riding with their three lovely horses.

We interviewed Adriane to learn about her experience buying a horse trailer online and designing custom features with Brad Heath.  Enjoy her story!

Thanks so much for talking with us Adriane. Can you tell our readers about your past trailer experiences?

My previous trailer was a Double D Experience weekender gooseneck horse trailer. It was also a 3 horse SafeTack. We had that one for 10 years and she was a solid trailer.

However, I found I didn't really like dealing with goosenecks that much. I had a hard time pulling in and out of our neighborhood. Switching to the bumper pull solved all of that. My only other trailer was a little two horse bumper pull straight load that all my horses despised.

Okay. What did your horses think of these older trailers?

They HATED the little straight load. They were fine with the Double D Trailer.

My other reasons for buying a newer Double D was the reverse load, I love that. It makes me feel better knowing if I ever have to hit the brakes, it's their rumps pressing into the dividers and not their faces. My husband also wanted a rear ramp so that we could use it to haul mowers and other items. He also thinks the ramp can work as another barrier in a rear end collision.

3 horse bumper pull trailer

Ah yes, a lot of our customers like how the ramp over full height doors acts as an extra safety barrier.  I’m curious, what first attracted you to the Double D Trailers SafeTack Reverse design?

The swing out SafeTack compartment was what first got my attention. I've always hated trailers that make horses load through a small gap between a rear tack and the wall. Yet, who wants wasted space?  Allowing full use of the trailer rear while still providing storage - what a great design.

The reverse load just overall makes sense to me. Horses can lean into their rear legs and press their haunches against the wall if I have to break hard (though I try very hard not get into that position). I like being able to walk them straight in and then walk them straight out when we arrive, and having that extra entry/exit point if needed. I love my bumper pull.

We also opted for the one that lets horses front or reverse load - a side benefit of this is that I feel the dividers are so much stronger and VERY easy to remove with two people. Being able to swing them in both directions allows me more room when camping.

Wonderful.  And what was it like to design and purchase a trailer from Brad?  Did you find that the email communication method worked well?

3 horse bumper pull trailer

Man, I probably tested the limits with the number of emails and questions I sent! The amount of personalization and feedback was amazing. He was patient and anytime he had to explain something to me it was never demeaning - just matter of fact. When I asked for something they didn't normally do the pricing was fair and not "we don't want to do this so let’s up-charge them an extra $100."

He constantly sent updated blue prints/diagrams, and when there was a mistake one time and he addressed it immediately. I also loved that we could pick which ways doors swing and other little placements. Getting the hundreds of photos after production so I could approve every detail before delivery was a wonderful way to do a final step of quality control.

Now that you have your new trailer, what do your horses think of it when they load?

They load so well. It isn't a huge difference for my horses as they came from another Double D Trailer, but I often haul friends’ horses to the trail head and horses that don't load well in their trailer hop right into mine.

Our new mare, the Morgan, reared when she was first loaded. As we watched her through the cameras though, after just a few minutes of going down the road she settled right in.

I’m so glad to hear that.  One of the photos you sent us was of your wall grid organizer. It looks like you have it super neat and organized!

That grid is so fantastic. I had fun getting creative with different ways to organize it. There are hat holders for my helmets, baby diaper crib organizer for hand towels, baskets and clips for everything else. It really is easy to rearrange when needed.

I did use black zip ties to get certain ones extra snug so there was no shifting or rattling. That is where I am glad we got the carpeted backdrop as well. This muffles sound and I can Velcro stuff to the wall. The bench holds first aid kits, tire changing gear, electric flares, hoses, and dog supplies.

What would you say to people who are hesitant to order a horse trailer online?

3 horse bumper pull trailer

People think I sound like a sales pitch when they ask about my trailer, but I really do believe in the Double D Trailers brand. The thought and detail that went into designing the trailers is not to be underestimated.

They are solidly built and there is so much attention to detail. From the tilt out tack room windows that don't let in rain, the cushioned inside edge along the top of door openings so horses don't get hurt tossing their heads, the handles on the drop down windows being reachable for short people, the one piece SafeBump roof (no leaking seams), to easy access switches…

It is just so horse and human friendly. Not to leave out the top notch customer service. I know my trailer was expensive, but every inch is what I wanted and I'm so grateful for Brad and his team creating such a fantastic line of trailers. I don't regret a penny!

Thank you Adriane!

If our readers have any questions, please contact Brad and he'll help you get started building your own custom trailer.

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