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Why SafeTack Systems are Different

When you’re looking at horse trailers for sale, you’re going to find a stunning array of offerings for tack storage, from small tack rooms in the front of the trailer to huge living quarters with extra storage.  Many of these trailers also come standard with some sort of rear tack storage, making it easy to retrieve saddles and blankets without having to leave your horses unattended for a minute.


Revolutionizing Tack Storage


Despite how handy they can be, rear tack compartments complicate horse travel by narrowing the back loading door.  This isn’t a problem in nice big custom horse trailers with side loading options, but a smaller two horse trailer might only be able to be loaded through the back -- suddenly that narrow door is a serious hindrance.


After years of watching how our customers actually use our trailers, we realized that the tiny loading door that resulted from a standard rear tack was actually creating a pretty major hazard for horse and owner alike.  That’s why we spent so much time developing our SafeTack System from the bottom up, using everything we knew about horses and trailer design.


Slant load horse trailers typically have an empty corner in the back where horses aren’t loaded and gear can’t be stored without flying around the horse compartment.  That’s why horse trailer designers put the rear tack there, but they stopped a step too soon.  Most of these tack storage areas are fixed, or at best can only be collapsed once they’re completely empty, but SafeTack is hung on a set of hinges that allows the entire compartment to swing out of the trailer and lock out of the way for loading and unloading your horse.  With SafeTack, you don’t have to move your gear or try to squeeze through a tight chute with a horse that might be a little more than antsy about going on a long trip.


SafeTack Systems Are Good for Man and Beast


As we all know, a nervous horse is a dangerous horse -- if he decides to rear up or back out, you’re helpless to stop him with a standard rear tack design.  You simply have nowhere to go to escape a 1,200 pound battering ram that wants away from the trailer.  If you had a trailer with a SafeTack System, the extra room that swinging the unit out creates would have eased your nervous horse’s fears or at least given you plenty of room to move if he was going to bolt regardless of your actions.


To protect your SafeTack System from nervous horses in transit, we added another feature that’s pretty simple, but indispensable.  Not only do you have extra space to work with the tack storage out of the way, but the additional divider we add in every SafeTack trailer to protect the swinging cabinet from kicking horses also keeps your horses locked in their stalls until you’re ready to back them out.  SafeTack is all about safety -- for you and your horse. 


When you’re ready to see the difference a SafeTack System can make to your horse travels, give us a call at 1-888-485-3126.  We offer both forward slant load and reverse slant load designs to meet the needs of every horse and horse owner, along with dozens of custom options to make your trailer your very own.

Please share your experience, questions and comments regarding slant loads and rear tack systems.  Feel free to post your comments below (your name and email will not be visible),

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