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What are the Best Cowboy Boot Brands?

Last updated December 18, 2023 by Brad Heath

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Written by Rachael Kraft, 30+ Years Avid Equestrian

The top cowboy boot brands include:

BrandBest ForPrice
AriatBest Overall PickCheck Current Pricing on Amazon
LuchesseBest for handcrafted designs Check Current Pricing on Amazon
Tony LamaBest for practical use and comfortable wearCheck Current Pricing on Amazon
DurangoBest for affordabilityCheck Current Pricing on Amazon
FerriniBest for unique styles Check Current Pricing on Amazon

With so many different cowboy boot brands to choose from, finding good brand cowboy boots can be difficult. It’s important to find boots that not only fit you well, but are sure to last you a long time. Finding the perfect boots that will be comfortable during all types of activities while keeping your feet and ankles safe and protected is important for any horseback rider, rancher, or day laborer.

These western boot brands are known for their quality and style and have decades of experience crafting the best cowboy boots riders all over the country love.

Discover what boot brand is right for you and how these top brands compare based on comfort, affordability, customer satisfaction, and style.

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Shopping for Good Brand Cowboy Boots – What to Look For

When shopping for cowboy boots, it’s important to know not just what cowboy boot brands are the best, but also what type of cowboy boots are best for you. Finding your perfect cowboy boots will depend on what your day to day looks like and what activities you plan on doing.

There are different types of cowboy boots made for different activities. Here are a few of the main types:

  1. Western boots are long-lasting and very practical, perfect for farmers and cattle ranchers who work in harsh and muddy conditions.
  2. Riding boots have a high angled heel and a tapered toe design that helps a horseback rider hook into the stirrups and move in and out of the stirrup easily.
  3. There are cowboy boots with more traction and very comfortable specially designed for walking.
  4. And there are fashion cowgirl boots with unique and beautiful leather designs.

The top cowboy boot brands have a variety of options – everything from exotic leather boots and fashionable boots to sturdy roper boots and riding cowboy boots.

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Top Cowboy Boot Brands

a pair of brown cowboy boots sitting outside on a front porch

If you ever travel to Nashville, Tennessee, you'll be overwhelmed by signs to buy cowboy boots.  They're everywhere!  In fact, it's where I happily purchased my first pair of cowboy boots – a comfy pair of Ariat ankle boots that I use for riding and walking around town.

But, with so many different good cowboy boots brands to choose from, finding the ones that are right for you can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! We’ve made a list of the top five cowboy boot brands to make your shopping a little easier.

Brand #1 – Ariat

Ariat sells some of the best cowboy boots on the market today. Ariat boots are comfortable, durable, and light-weight. They are made with innovative technology that combines athletic shoe ergonomics with traditional western riding style to give you a pair of professional-grade cowboy boots. In fact, many professional riders swear by Ariat cowboy boots.

They have a huge variety of styles and designs on their website – everything from western boots and English boots to work boots and waterproof boots. Ariat also has a very high level of customer satisfaction – they have tons of great five-star and four-star reviews on their website. In terms of affordability, Ariat boots are generally affordable – a typical pair of boots ranges from $150 to $550 dollars.

Check out these Ariat Men's Hybrid Venttek Western Boots to see for yourself why everyone raves about this brand of cowboy boots.

Brand #2 – Lucchese

Lucchese is one of the most historic cowboy boot brands – founded in 1883, this company’s cowboy boots have been worn throughout history by celebrities, presidents, and the rich and famous.

Each pair of Lucchese cowboy boots are beautiful and unique because they are made by hand in a lengthy and intense process. First, boot crafters handpick the leather and skin for the boots, then by hand they stitch the unique patterns onto the material. After that, each boot is hand tooled and carefully finished before being shipped to your door.

This delicate manufacturing process ensures that your boots will keep their shape and last for years and years. But since these are some of the best crafted cowboy boots you can find, they aren’t cheap. Lucchese boots can range from $375 to over $1,000 dollars.

Take a look at the unique craftmanship on these Lucchese Ostrich Skin Western Boots.

Brand #3 – Tony Lama

Tony Lama has been one of the top cowboy boot brands for years and years. This company constantly satisfies their customers by providing cowboy boots that are practical, comfortable and high-quality – all at a decent price. They are known for their unique ¾ welt construction and their cushion comfort system that absorbs shocks, protects a rider’s joints and provides extra stability.

Tony Lama boots are affordable and can cost anywhere from $250 to $500 dollars. Check out the comfortability features on these Tony Lama Men's Landgrab Western Boots. 

Brand #4 – Durango

a wide variety of cowboy boot brands display in a store

Durango boots were named the official boot of the National Finals Rodeo, “the richest and most prestigious rodeo in the world.” Their boots are worn by professional ropers, barrel racers, and bareback riders across the country.

Many people consider Durango the best brand of western boots because their boots offer a combination of innovation and style. They sell cowboy boots specifically designed to reduce fatigue, offer comfortability, and last for a long time.

Their boots are beautiful and affordable – prices start at $100 and their more expensive models can cost up to $500. They have great options for all types of riders, and options for men, women and children as well.

This Durango Women's Lady Rebel Pro Western Boot is a great example of a classic Durango boot – it has a ventilated shaft to promote maximum airflow and it’s stylish and fashionable – at a great price here!

Brand #5 – Ferrini

If you’re looking for eye-catching cowboy boots that will stand out among the rest with their unique and special style – Ferrini cowboy boots are for you. Ferrini boots are all hand-crafted, making them both beautiful and long lasting.

Ferrini boots are also surprisingly affordable. Their boots range from $150 to $500 – and while a special collection Ferrini boot will cost around $1,500 dollars, Ferrini offers many stylish and high-quality boots for only a couple hundred bucks. Their great prices, impressive quality, and unique designs without a doubt make them one of the top cowboy boot brands.

Just take a look at these Ferrini boots and you’ll discover that their slogan – “genuine has a style all its own” – shines through every pair of cowboy boots they make. 

Best Cowboy Boots for Riders on a Budget

Cowboy boots can be very expensive. Just take cowboy boot brands like J.B. Hill Boot Company for example. They craft beautiful handmade boots that are unique and exclusive – but their typical boot costs over a thousand dollars.

If you’re looking for good brand cowboy boots but want to find an affordable option, we recommend Ariat boots. As mentioned above, Ariat is one of the best western boot brands because they offer high quality options that are durable and fashionable but won’t break the bank. Durango also offers affordable boots that are stylish and good quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best brand of western boots?

Ariat is one of the best brands of western boots because they offer high-quality, durable, and beautiful western boots at affordable prices. Tony Lama and Lucchese also offer some good brand cowboy boots, but they are typically more expensive than Ariat boots.

How long should my cowboy boots last?

If they are well-maintained, cowboy boots can last around 10 years. However, this depends on the quality and style of the boots and how often you are using them. The type of sole on your cowboy boots also affects their durability – leather-soled cowboy boots will wear out faster and need to be re-soled sooner than rubber-soled cowboy boots.

Are cowboy boots waterproof?

Traditional leather cowboy boots are water-resistant, but not waterproof. However, there are some cowboy boot brands that offer waterproof boots. If your boots aren’t waterproof, you can buy mink oil or a waterproofing spray to put on your new boots to protect them from water damage and help them last longer.

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