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Do You Need a Screen On Your Horse Trailer Door?

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

Customer Email:

Brad, thanks so much for your quick response! 

I became familiar with your brand a couple years ago when a friend had an opportunity to purchase your 2 Horse slant load trailer through a bank auction here in Central NY. She uses it to get her daughters to training and shows and has 100% confidence in it. She has moved my horse for me and I know the horses are always comfortable as this trailer tows beautifully.

  Now it's my turn to own a trailer and I realized after investigating others that are available, there is no other brand for me!  

You're right, the trailer you have available is probably the one I should consider. It has more options than I thought I would " need", I was simply trying very hard to keep the purchase price under $20k.  

The screen door on the dressing room has been a great thing to have we've learned and I wonder if this can be added to the trailer that is available now.  

And it also makes sense to take advantage of your delivery service.  

To answer your question on our tow vehicle, there's more than enough towing capacity with our diesel 3500 HD. My guys tow all kinds of things and I've been called upon more than once to assist.  

As I mentioned, now it's my turn. The kids are grown and I'm ready to have more fun with my riding friends. I own a 15h Morgan mare, all around been there, done that - trail horse.  

So if we can add the screen door, let me know where that brings us on pricing and 

I'll discuss it with my husband again.  

looking forward,

Kris in New York

RESPONSE from Double D Trailers: Thanks for your email and prompt response.  Do you know what year model your friend's trailer is?  If it's older than a 2009 you will really LOVE the new designs, roof styles and the fact that all trailers are now 100% insulated including your dress area. 

My thoughts on the screen door as we offer two types: 

--When we build a living quarter trailer, we use a retractable screen door.  This is possible since there is a "lip" at the dress door and room for the track at the bottom which you have to step over as you enter/exit each time.  Here is a 1 minute video

--On a non-living quarter trailer like your bumper pull, all trailers come standard with what I call the "sweep out feature".  There is no "lip" at the dress door which means if you use a stall mat, the mat is actually flush with the top of the door frame which allows you to easily sweep out your room.  No more dirt collecting at the door jam or having to use a dust pan.  With this design, since there is no lip at the bottom there isn't enough space to use the retractable screen door as shown in the video which requires a track underneath the door jam.

      The solution we use on a bumper pull model if you want a screen door is we use a different door altogether like the one shown in the attached photo(s).  You will notice it's an AirCraft style RV door with rounded corners.  It will not fit in the door hole of the existing trailer in inventory and you will lose the "sweep out" feature.  But if you need a screen door, we can certainly build another trailer for you and include the Aircraft Style door with screen.

   Regarding your truck, no problems there and your 15 hand morgan will trailer comfortable in either stall.  Plus you have room in the front stall in case you ever purchase a larger guy he/she will fit without problem since the trailer in inventory has an oversize stall. 

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