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Load Without Headaches! Easier and Safer Loading with the Patented SafeTack Design

Four Owners Who Love the Double D Difference

Double D Trailers literally has happy customers stretching from “sea to shining sea.”  Recently, we reached out to four of our customers to hear how life has changed since they got their Double D SafeTack trailers.  We were pleased to hear that this patented design has made a tremendous difference in the willingness of their horses to load while offering an overall safer experience for horse and handler.  

Here are their stories…

What Was Loading Like Before Your Double D Trailer?

First, let’s meet Karen J. of Newnan, GA.  For Karen, loading her horse before getting a Double D Trailer was a NIGHTMARE!  

Karen was working with her rescued gelding named Rhett who had some very bad experiences loading onto shipping vans, straight loads, and slant load trailers.  He was terrified to set foot on any trailer and Karen was hopeful that the open design of her Reverse SafeTack 2 horse slant trailer with would be the answer.

She shared one photo of her horse rearing up in fear when asked to load onto a 4-Star brand trailer with a traditional slant load design.  (Photo to right.) The stationary tack compartment in the rear created a very dark and narrow doorway that terrified him.  She explained, “It took 2.5 days to get him in that trailer!”

The challenges of our other customers might not be as dramatic, but each has a story of frustration or safety concerns that was remedied by the SafeTack design.

Nancy Eaton, from Cedar City, UT, owns a 2 horse slant load trailer from Double D.  It sounds simple, but one of Nancy’s favorite features on her trailer is the second divider. Typically, a 2 horse slant load trailer only has a single solid divider with a padded butt chain or bar separating the back horse from the rear doors.  (See example of this photo below)

This can make for some very unsafe (and nerve-wracking) conditions when opening the rear doors.  If you have a horse who likes to unload in a hurry, getting kicked or trampled is a real concern!  For Nancy, it’s much easier. “When I open the back door, my second horse is still secure while I prepare to unload him,” she explained.

One of Nancy’s other favorite features on her trailer is the gently sloping rear ramp.  Her main loading issue in the past stemmed from horses who refused to step up to the challenge.  

“I have had lots of experience where a horse simply does not want to pick up his feet to get into a trailer,” she explained.  “With the ramp, you can at least begin by coaxing them onto the ramp.”

Ellen L. of Livermore, CA was also impressed by the ramps from Double D Trailers, but ultimately decided to save on costs by purchasing a step-up 3 horse bumper pull trailer.  “I have found that the step down when unloading is so low that it’s easy for my horse, and I’m okay not having a ramp.

Ellen boards at a stable that specializes in rehabbing horses with problem behaviors.  Her trainer uses Ellen’s trailer to work with new horses.  “She loves to work with them using my Double D Trailer because it is so horse friendly.  The rear entry is wide open-and the interior is bright and airy. First, she gets them used to the Double D and then transitions them to their owner’s narrow dark trailers.”

Finally, there’s Jill H. of Kelso, WA.  She purchased a 3 horse slant trailer with a large front tack area complete with a dinette for overnight trips.  In the past, Jill has had some difficulty loading her horses and she is relieved that her new trailer works well.  “It’s important to me that horses load easily into anything I ask them to for cases of emergency, etc,” she explained.

What are the Top Double D Trailer Features That Attracted You?

Each one of these women was attracted by the Double D design because of one thing…safety.  They wanted a trailer that was going to be strong and durable while protecting their horses and equipment.

Nancy explained that her first impression was from a video of Brad on the Double D Trailers website.  “I was immediately impressed with all of the details of a standard SafeTack!  Then, I realized how easy it was to get online and select my own options.”

Shopping for a Double D Trailer is a unique experience since it’s all done online.  Nancy shared how much she liked sifting through the options in her quiet home without pressure from a salesman.  She was able to design her trailer and then get in touch with Double D owner Brad Heath to finalize the design.

“Once I had my list of questions, Brad gave me his immediate attention!  I ordered what I wanted when I wanted.  Of course, the swing away tack room is the coolest part of the design, but I am really safely conscious so those extra details sold me.” (See example of swing-away SafeTack area in photo)

Ellen was attracted to Double D because of its quality and durability. “I started off shopping for a used trailer and realized that I would be buying someone else’s problem.  Then, I started looking at new trailers with the help of my engineer husband, and we had concerns about the quality we were seeing.  Quality and durability translates to safety.  As a 68-year-old with my first trailer, setting off on some long trips, we were sold on Double D.”

She really appreciated the time that Brad put in to help her decide how to customize the trailer.  “He suggested things that I had not realized were possible, and the result is a trailer that suites my somewhat unique needs perfectly.”  

This photo below perfectly illustrates Ellen’s “unique” needs.  A reinforced floor in the dressing room was installed so that her very large mini horse and goat could ride up front.  They also created an extra wide middle stall to fit very large horses.

Karen was most impressed by the forward or reverse facing design.  She liked the idea that she could load her horse from the side ramp, walk him back into a stall and then unload him straight off the rear of the trailer.  Plus, the open and airy design was perfect for her rescued horse Rhett.

Finally, Jill appreciated the SafeTack compartment.  Despite her height, she finds it easy to access the compartment from the ground or ramp.  “It also protects my tack much better than the racks just in the back of the main section.  Finally, I love that it swings completely out of the way for loading and unloading.”

Yes…But What Do the Horses Think of the Trailers?

It doesn’t matter how much the humans love their trailer.  If the horses don’t agree, you’re in for some headaches during loading and unloading!

That is why these four owners are particularly happy to share the positive reactions of their respective horses when loading onto a SafeTack Double D Trailer.

“My own horse seems to really like the Double D,” Ellen explained.  “He loads easily and really likes the large windows, especially when I drop the bars when we arrive somewhere so he can look around while I am getting settled.”

Nancy’s four horses took just a little extra time to load the first time onto the unfamiliar trailer.  “They had never loaded on a ramp and the swing away tack room was a concern at first, but each of them loaded within 10 minutes.”  Now she has no problems. (See photo)

Jill appreciates the gently sloping ramps on her trailer since they are easier on her aging gelding.  “His mobility is limited and the ramps give me the ability to load him in from the rear and unload straight ahead out the side.  I don’t reverse load as much as I thought I would, but it’s still nice to have the option to load in from the side and out the back as well.”

Ellen’s main praise for her trailer has to do with the insulation on her Double D.  She has found that the interior stays cool on the hottest of days and retains warmth during the winter.  

She shared this about one 95-105 degree weekend, “At one event there was no shade, we hung out in the trailer to get out of the sun and were surprised to find it comfortable.  This must mean a more comfortable ride for my horse when we haul in hot weather.”  

For Karen, the change in her horse’s loading was much more dramatic.  She explained that all four of her horses really like the Double D Trailer.  When asked if they load easier than on her previous trailer, her reply was, “Absolutely!”  

She added, “This is an incredible trailer design.  I feel safe, the horses feel safe and it’s a dream to pull.”

This change was most apparent with her horse Rhett, who FINALLY loaded on the Double D Trailer after literally days of trying on other trailers.  Her horse has an amazing story and we are proud that a Double D Trailer could help him overcome his fears of loading. (See before and after photos of Rhett below)

Do You Feel Safer as a Handler?

Besides providing a more horse friendly interior, another top benefit of the SafeTack design is the improved safety for the handler.  By swinging the rear tack storage out like a second door, the horse and handler are left with a very wide open space through which to walk.  

In comparison to other slant load trailer designs, the handler has much more room to maneuver around the horse without worry of getting pinned against the trailer walls.

Karen said she feels, “Very safe and confident helping a horse learn to like to load and go somewhere.”  She added that she feels like it is easy to maneuver her horse, the dividers, and the door when she is loading and unloading.  (By the way...Congratulations to Karen on her recent $500 win in the Double D Trailers photo contest!)

Nancy shared,  “I feel safe loading.  One of the options I ordered was extra wide and extra tall since two of my guys are large and have a tendency to raise their heads while loading.  The dividers are a dream to open and close compared to my friends’ trailers and of course, the ramp makes it much easier.”

What’s it Like to Unload from a Double D Trailer?

Nancy feels safe unloading as well.  “I have a lot more control unloading.  First, I can easily reach in to untie before releasing the divider.  My horse can back out or go out head first.  I always hate not knowing what kinds of footing you will park in so now I don't have to worry about them jumping out on rocks/gravel/etc too fast.  They go down the ramp nice and slow.”

She added that the divider on the second stall by the door keeps her horses secure until she is fully ready to offload a horse.  She added, there’s no more, “quick-shut-the-door screaming!”

Jill was impressed with the sturdy and tight fit on all of the interior dividers.  They snap securely into place and don’t rattle while the trailer is in motion.  “I love all of that now -  never a worry heading down the freeway with my guys in this trailer for their safety!” (See Jill's trailer to the right)

Several of the women remarked on how nice it was to simply turn their horse around so they could walk off the trailer face-first.  This was especially beneficial for Jill’s aging gelding.  

Ellen shared, “I find it easy to maneuver the dividers, and it’s easy to turn my horse around so he can step out front first.  This was important when he was recovering from rear suspensory injuries.”

Finally, Nancy liked the door latches that are in place to hold the doors open during loading and unloading.  “I used to have to tie the doors open when loading or unloading so the wind would not blow them into me or a horse.  I have seen lots of trailers that do not have those latches as standard.”


The SafeTack design from Double D Trailers is certainly a unique model with many safety benefits.  If you purchase one, be prepared to attract notice when you go to events.  As Jill said, “It is a real show stopper at events too - I’m constantly giving folks a tour!”

Karen explained,  “Brad worked with me to take a standard 2 horse gooseneck and make design changes and additions to make my dream trailer.”  If you are ready to start designing YOUR dream trailer, then reach out to Brad to get the conversation started.

A big THANK YOU to Nancy, Ellen, Jill, and Karen for sharing their stories!

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