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Horse Trailer Towing Guides for On-the-Road Safety

Our Horse Trailer Towing guides deliver the essential knowledge for safe and efficient hauling.

Get expert advice on:

  • Choosing the right tow vehicle
  • Proper hitching techniques
  • Optimal weight distribution
  • Safe towing practices

Get ready to tow your horse trailer with confidence!


Towing Guides

Horse Trailer Towing Guide (Free PDF Download)

What Do You Need to Tow a Horse Trailer?

Towing Tips for First-time Horse Trailer Owners

How to Choose the Correct Hitch Ball Size For Your Horse Trailer

Guide to Knowing the Right Trailer-to-Tow-Vehicle "Weight Ratio" For Safe Horse Transport

Weight Distribution Hitch Guide For Horse Trailer Towing Safety

What are Sway Bars?

How do Sway Bars Improve Horse Trailer Towing?

The Case of An Overweight Horse Trailer

Horse Trailers Tires and Axles Explained

Bumper Pull Trailer Tongue Weight Calculator

A Step-by-Step Guide to Hitching a Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

How to Position a Gooseneck Hitch in Your Truck Bed

Key Factors for a Smoother Horse Trailer Ride For Your Horses

How to Tow Your Horse Trailer Safely During Winter

How to Haul a Horse Trailer in Harsh Weather

Essential Horse Trailer Towing Laws and Rules

Driving Tips for Increased Horse Comfort

How to Keep Your Horse Safe While Towing


Tow Vehicle Guides

How to Match Your Tow Vehicle to a Horse Trailer: A Sep-by-Step Guide

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Tow Vehicle

Is Towing a Horse Trailer With a Car Safe?

Best Trucks for Horse Trailer Towing

Overview of Electric Trucks as Horse Trailer Tow Vehicles

Essential Vehicle Checks for Safe Horse Trailer Towing


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