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Martin Nikolaev: Automotive Expert and Horse Trailer Enthusiast


Martin Nikolaev is a skilled copywriter with a deep passion for the automotive industry. His expertise shines through in his insightful articles about cars and his current work with Double D Trailers. This collaboration perfectly aligns with Martin's love for vehicles of all kinds.

Martin brings his automotive knowledge to the world of horse trailers, covering the latest technologies and essential information for horse trailer owners. His enthusiasm extends even to collecting horse trailer scale models.

Martin Nikolaev's impressive automotive sales background includes successful stints at a Mercedes-Benz dealership and a key role in establishing an Asian-owned vehicle manufacturer in Western Europe. His dedication was recognized in 2012 when he was named "Best Great Wall Vehicles Salesman in Bulgaria" by Litex Motors, an award reflecting his exceptional salesmanship and strategic contributions to the brand.


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