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Reverse Haul Horse Trailer Design is Beneficial for Both Horses & Handlers

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

A reverse haul horse trailer is one of the best investments that any horse owner should consider if you're looking for an easier way to load more than a couple of horses. Double D Trailers reverse load horse trailer offers a unique, patent pending design that has been inspired by our many years of experience building trailers for horse owners, as well as our personal experience hauling horses. Like you, we want our horses to have the best trailering experience possible, which is why we go to such great lengths to ensure their comfort and safety.

A horse facing backwards inside of a Double D Trailers reverse haul horse trailer.

Although the reverse slant load was created with larger horse loads in mind, even a small horse trailer can benefit from reverse loading, especially if your horse is too nervous to back into or out of a trailer. The reverse haul horse trailer design eliminates the need for him to back, making loading and unloading a breeze. You’ll be surprised how much more often you’ll travel with your horse when he no longer fights you at loading time.

What Makes a Reverse Haul Horse Trailer So Special?

Some horse owners never have to worry about convincing their horse to load onto a horse trailer. If your horse has had trouble with loading or has been involved in a trailer accident and is afraid to load, the reverse haul horse trailer is the trailer you’ve been waiting for. Your horse never has to back in, he loads head-in from a wide door on the side of the trailer into one of a series of see-through dividers that are designed to pivot from either direction, depending on which lock you choose to open.

In our reverse haul horse trailers, you can tie your horse to either side of the trailer, allowing you to load him from the side door or the back door, before you lock him in place safely between two tall pipe-style head dividers.  These dividers are designed to let light and air in, without letting your horse climb over the bars in a moment of panic. They swing freely for easy operation, no matter which way you choose to swing them. We’ve also provided an extra divider at the end of the trailer to keep your horse from jumping the gun on unloading -- this feature is available on all sizes of slant load trailers, whether you’re shopping for a 2 or 3 horse gooseneck trailer or something much bigger.

Research published by the Journal of Vet Behavior suggests that hauling horses in a rear facing design or backwards haul horse trailer exerts less stress on your horse.

Check out this video of a client loading their horse in a Double D Trailers reverse haul trailer configuration.

Learn more about the benefits of a reverse facing side load horse trailer.

Features Exclusive to Double D Trailers Reverse Haul Horse Trailer Models

The reverse slant load feature is an incredible option for anyone who doesn’t want to risk backing their horse during trailering, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to features in our slant load trailers. Every item we put in our slant loads, from the 2 horse slant trailer on up, is carefully chosen with horse comfort and owner safety in mind. We don’t charge extra for these protections, either -- each and every trailer we build comes with our patented safety systems, including:

Patented SafeTack Compartment: The exclusive Double D Trailers SafeTack Reverse Horse Trailer design features the swing out SafeTack compartment. In our reverse load horse trailers, the rear tack storage compartment swings out just like a second door. This design gives the horse trailer a bright and airy wide open entryway that is friendly and inviting for your horses; but also allows for easier loading and unloading for both horses and handlers.

A Double D Trailers horse trailer displaying the rear ramp entryway with the SafeTack compartment swung open.

Z-Frame Technology: Your new trailer is constructed using our patented Z-Frame technology, allowing us to create a strong, lightweight zinc frame with a higher tensile strength rating than a traditional steel frame and a longer life than aluminum frames.

A horse trailer with Z-Frame technology being built inside of the Double D Trailers factory.

SafeBump Roofing System: The bright white roof of your new trailer has a secret -- inside is a block of high density Styrofoam to keep your trailer’s interior temperatures cool. If your horse rears up, he’s a lot less likely to hurt himself if he hits a flexible SafeBump Roof.

 Double D Trailers SafeBump Roof Technology is designed to protect horses when they rear up during travel; or in the event of an accident.

SafeKick Wall System: Unlike traditional rubber wall liners that may only be a quarter inch thick, the heavy Polylite material used in our SafeKick Wall System is durable enough to take a pounding from a nervous or frustrated horse without pounding back.

Double D Trailers SafeKick Wall System helps to keep horses safe in the event of kicking or pawing during travel.

Rumber Flooring: Many horse owners choose to replace the standard wooden floors of their trailers with a recycled rubber product called Rumber flooring to further reduce road noise and give their horses something flexible to stand on during long rides. Rumber offers a great grip for horses and protects against road fatigue, especially in older or nervous horses.

  Rumber flooring on Double D Trailers.

Options, Options, and More Options!

No matter the size of the trailer you’re interested in, you’ve got options. Because we build our trailers one at a time, your new horse hauler is a custom job even if you don’t change a thing -- but call us if you have special needs, because we can easily accommodate them. Our customers love custom upgrades, and so do we! We want to know about the horses you’ll be hauling so we can create the perfect trailer for both you and them. If you’d like to learn more about designing your own custom horse trailer, reach out to us today.

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