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Slant Load Horse Trailers Featuring Safetack®

At Double D Trailers, we keep your safety and the safety of your horses at the top of our priority list. That’s why we’re so proud to offer slant load horse trailers with Safetack®  technology in order to make loading, transporting and unloading safe for all parties involved. Our slant load horse trailer models come in both gooseneck trailer and bumper pull trailer varieties.

Watch this video to see how SafeTack works:

While many slant load horse trailers use conventional rear tack design, this can cause problems for your horses and for you. Rear tack design creates a very narrow door opening for your horses. This complicates the process of loading and uploading.

It creates a safety hazard for you as well. You could easily get injured when trying to walk into the slant load horse trailer with your horses. From Bumper pull slant load horse trailers to three horse gooseneck slant loads, our Safetack® will help insure that your horses load easier and reduce the risk of injury to you.

A SafeTack Trailer has a Larger and Safer Loading Doorway

Which trailer do you think  your horse would rather load onto? We're guessing most of your horses would find the second option more inviting. The extra wide entry-way provides a safe space for both horse and handler to pass through.

Once the horse has been secured, the handler can easily walk off the rear ramp without any squeeze. Plus, an extra rear divider means there is less danger of being kicked or having an anxious horse try to off-load before you're ready.

4 Ways SafeTack® is Safer for Your Horses:

  • By having the entire rear of your slant load horse trailer open, you can safely walk in or out with your horses.
  • The extra horse divider insures your horses do not back out on you. Since most three horse slant load trailers have only two dividers, it's easy to realize that when you open up your rear doors, your last horse may try to back out after a long trip. Butt bars can be dangerous and butt straps can cut your horses. Your new Safetack® has an extra divider which allows you to completely and safely open up both rear doors and prevents your horse from trying to come out.
  • Our slant load horse trailers are well balanced when fully loaded. Even when fully loaded, your Safetack® will easily open and latch allowing you to conveniently access all of your tack and gear.
  • Most bumper pull slant load horse trailers have a dressing room in the front. Your new Safetack® slant load horse trailer will have a dressing room in the front for storage as well as the rear Safetack® saddle storage compartment.

Read more about our patented SafeTack technology.

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