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8 Living Quarters Horse Trailer Upgrades (Totally Worth the Extra Cost!)

The interior of a Double D Trailers living quarters horse trailer. In this post, we've listed the top 8 Horse Trailer With Living Quarters Upgrades that will help make your trailer more comfortable and safe for your horses. Plus, we’ll share the one horse trailer upgrade that is taking the industry by storm.

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The key here is spending a few bucks on the right living quarters horse trailer upgrades. It will make all the difference when you're walking the fine line between what you “need” and what you “really, really want.” The extra expenditure will make even more sense when you consider how most people replace their tow vehicle far more than they replace a trailer.

Let's get on with our list!

1. Slide Outs on your Living Quarters Horse Trailer

Many living quarters horse trailers roll out of our factory sporting a beautiful slide out compartment to extend the living space inside your trailer and provide you with extra square feet to enjoy. Just like on an RV camper, a slide-out containing your sofa or dinette can take a cramped space and transform it into a palace on wheels!

A slide-out gives you more room for meal preparation, space to stretch your legs and the additional area you need to share with friends who come over for a visit. They are extremely popular on both our 8’ wide SafeTack Reverse LQ horse trailer and our Trail Blazer reverse load with a 7’ width.


A Double D Trailers horse trailer with a slide out living quarters.


2. Horse Camera System

Last year, about 40% of our trailer sales had onboard horse trailer camera systems. There are all sorts of camera models available on the market, but we use a brand called RanchCams. We’ve worked with their owner, Patrick, for the last seven years, so we have an inside source for any issues that come up with the systems.


Horses inside of a Double D Trailer being viewed on a RanchCams horse trailer camera system


These cameras have proven their excellent durability over and over again. There’s also a camera feed to your tow vehicle that lets you check on your horses while you’re on the road. This particular system is one of the more expensive options on the market, but when it comes to electronics, you get what you pay for.

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3. Better Bathroom Amenities

No one likes to put up with a tight space when it’s time for nature’s call. That’s why a larger bathroom is one of the ultimate living quarters horse trailer upgrades we strongly advise you to consider. Our base model for the SafeTack Reverse LQ horse trailer has a 10’ short wall, but this trailer also comes in a 13’ short wall with a slide out. The larger model contains similar features to the smaller one – sink, toilet, and shower – but gives you a larger bathroom space to move around. The rounded shower stall design is spacious and gives you room to scrub off the day’s dirt and grime.


A rounded shower stall on a Double D Trailers living quarters horse trailer model


4. HiTie Systems for Tying Your Horses

The Hi-Tie system is another Horse Trailer With Living Quarters Upgrade that we recommend. As you know, the outside of your horse trailer is actually NOT the ideal place to tie a horse. Even on a well-designed trailer, there are still ways for your horse to get injured or damage the trailer while tied.

The Hi-Tie system has an arm that swings out from the trailer’s side so your horse is tied farther away from the trailer’s side. This allows room for your horses to graze, drink, and even lie down while tied this way. A portable corral system like Carri-lite is another solution to get your horses away from the side of the trailer.


Hi-Ties on the exterior of a Double D horse trailer


5. Two-Step Awning

While we do offer an all-electrical option for your awning, we actually recommend that customers look at the less expensive “two-step” upgrade. The standard awning is made of vinyl that can break down in the sun after a few years. It also needs to be rolled out manually. The Two-Step Awning, in contrast, has a metal weather shield to protect the material from the sun while not in use. It lasts 3-4 times longer. And it truly requires just a couple of steps to unroll. Very easy!


Two-step awning on a Double D Trailer.


6. Entertainment Systems

This horse trailer upgrade is less of an issue today when compared to a few years back. With so much of our entertainment coming from streaming and downloading nowadays, a great internet connection is all you need to stream shows using your smart device.


Still, if you want to transform your living quarters horse trailer into an indoor theater, you do have some options. Now and then, we have clients who want a couple of TVs, a surround sound system, Blu-ray players, and a plethora of other options! Everything is possible!


A flat screen TV inside a Double D Trailers living quarters horse trailer.


7. Mid-tack Storage Area

All of our SafeTack horse trailers come with a rear tack storage area that swings out like a second door. Still, if you’d like to enjoy even more space for your equipment, you might consider a mid-tack storage area. Check out the floor plan below to see how this would look. It’s a great way to keep your equipment clean and organized.


A Double D Trailers living quarters model with a mid-tack.


8. Hydraulic Jacks

This upgrade for your Horse Trailer With Living Quarters is a no-brainer. But it’s sometimes neglected by trailer owners.


A Double D Trailer with a hydraulic jack


A horse trailer is very heavy, and if you rely on a hand-crank to raise and lower the front, you’re asking for a workout. Instead, consider adding a hydraulic jack so you can raise and lower the trailer for hitching with the touch of a button.

Top Recommended Horse Trailer With Living Quarters Upgrade: The Reverse Load Layout!

The most popular horse trailer upgrade these days is the reverse load layout for living quarters horse trailers. They accounted for more than half of our trailer sales last year. It’s a trend that is taking the industry by storm!


Unloading off of a Double D Trailers SafeTack Reverse load horse trailer.


In a nutshell, upgrading your horse trailer with living quarters to a reverse load configuration allows for less stressful travels for your animals. Studies have shown that  horses naturally prefer to travel facing toward the rear since it allows them to brace with their stronger back end while the rig is braking. Add the SafeTack layout with a side loading ramp and door and you’ll have an easy walk-on-walk-off configuration.

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The reverse load trailer range we offer includes bumper pull horse trailers, gooseneck horse trailers, and living quarter horse trailers. Our customers always rave about how much they (and their horses) love the design! This is definitely an upgrade you won't regret having on your Horse Trailer With Living Quarters.

Choosing the Best Living Quarters Horse Trailer Upgrades

The true beauty of designing a custom-built trailer with Double D Trailers is this… YOU get to decide which upgrades make sense for your budget and lifestyle. Still, we’d recommend any of the ones listed above. Even when the ultimate choice costs a tad more than expected, it’s an investment that will pay off faster than you think.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the upgrades described in this article (and more), reach out to us with your questions.

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